What Is Go Flat Out?

Go Flat Out started as a simple literary project in De La Salle University by a car nut named Isaac Atienza, a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering graduate. Balancing his academic and extracurricular works is his devotion to Go Flat Out. Isaac is an engineer by degree, businessman by livelihood, and automotive journalist and blogger during his free time. With a new vision to one day become a significant automotive media site in the Philippines, a couple of other car enthusiast friends decided to join in the fun in 2015.

Who Are Behind Go Flat Out?

Isaac Atienza: Founder and Editor-In-Chief

With a creative eye in delivering informative, aesthetically pleasing, and sometimes (depressingly) funny content, Isaac Atienza is the man behind most of Go Flat Out’s photos, videos, and articles. With a degree in Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering, his skills in photography, videography, and other forms of creative visuals would otherwise lead people to suggest he is a Multimedia Arts graduate. As an engineer by degree, he also aims to one day be able to use his knowledge to contribute to the technical development of the automotive industry and infrastructure in the Philippines.

Janferds Balois and Jerald Valdez: Motorsports Correspondents

Father and son duo motorsports duo Janferds Balois and Jerald Valdez form a strong chemistry as they share and immerse us in the world of motorsports. Jerald Valdez is involved in motorsports since the age of 12, while his father owns and operates a car shop. They are a valuable addition to the Go Flat Out team, due to their driving skills, motorsports experience, and technical know-how with the ins and outs of a vehicle. These two have the skills and knowledge to help us understand and appreciate the world of motorsports in the Philippines.

Nico Ylanan, John Carlos, and Paulo Bustamante

Quite busy in his work schedules, Nico Ylanan is also a writer for AutoDeal. With a unique passion for motorbikes and an appreciation for the unique sensation of speed that motorbikes can only deliver, we’re glad to welcome him into Go Flat Out.

John Carlos, with his great work experience in handling a few franchises of Petron, the Philippines’ leading oil and gas company, John Carlos’ exposure into automobiles has been second nature.

Paulo Bustamante‘s valuable contribution to Go Flat Out’s marketing has helped cultivate the status that Go Flat Out is in now.

These three people have their fair share of race cars and track events, and their skills in driving are always a good thing.


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  1. Andrew Ellis


    I have checked out the website and instagram pages and am very impressed with all of the work you guys have been doing. I am from Toronto, Canada and am a big enthusiest when it comes to luxury cars and supercars. I would love to start a website of my own and review and showcase vehicles as filmmaking and photography is also another one of my passions. I’m writing as i’m very interested in how your team is given the opportunity to drive such vehicles, and what do automotive companies look for in a person or team to allow them to test drive their vehicles.

    Thank you for your time,


  2. Im a fan of this site and a car enthusiast as well. Parehas tayo ng passion, dream ko na magkaroon ng ganitong kagandang site for car reviews and updates. Hopefully balang araw makasama ako sa team flat out.
    -AJ, med student

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