Honda Nips and Tucks The Civic, Modulo and Mugen Kits Now Standard

The Honda Civic is Honda’s bread and butter model. The poster boy for what is called the sports car in the compact segment. However, it is now accepted that each new iteration of the Civic will never be as sporty as the EK, or the sixth generation Civic, though it doesn’t mean they’re not fun to drive machines today. In a bid to reinvigorate the Honda Civic, HCPI releases the new 2014 model, with three distinct variants to choose from, the 1.8 S, 1.8 E Modulo, and 2.0 EL Mugen.


1.8 S: P978,000

The most obvious change from the previous model is the new honeycomb chrome grille, and a new chrome bar underneath it. Offered now as standard on all models are fog lights, which used to be standard only on the top spec 2.0 EL.

1.8 E Modulo: P1,118,000


1Aerodynamic-front-under-spoiler    4Rear-under-spoiler

5Side-under-spoilers    16Mag-Wheels

dashboard    Fabric-Seats

9-th-Paddle-Shifters-th     9-Cruise-Control

More changes are apparent on the Modulo and Mugen duo. New, two-tone 16 inch rims and a standard Modulo kit enhance the sporty look of the Honda Civic. Inside, a few first-in-class features come as standard. Some features from the Honda Accord and City eventually trickled to the Civic, including the Multi-Angle Rear View Camera, and the 7-inch Display Audio touch screen unit with HDMI to display the smartphone onto the Display Audio. Power folding mirrors and cruise control are now standard.

2.0 EL Mugen: P1,378,000


9-1-Sporty-grille-with-MUGEN-emblem   9-4-Wing-type-tailgate-spoiler

9-6-Side-under-spoilers   9-7-17-Mag-Wheels

9-th-0dashboard    9-Leather-Seats

9-Auto-Aircon     9-HDMI

The 2.0 EL Mugen has all the features of the 1.8 E Modulo, but with the addition of a better Multi-Angle Rear View Camera, which now includes dynamic guide lines, 6 airbags, Vehicle Stability Assist, automatic climate control, and leather seats. 17 inch two-tone rims and a Mugen kit further differentiates it from the 1.8 E Modulo.

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