Hyundai Introduces New Grand Starex Gold Variants

The Hyundai Starex has been a Filipino family’s favorite. The well-rounded family van is reliable, and a true workhorse for the family, and while it may be reliable, it does not fall short in offering comfortable transportation.

When the Starex’s successor, the Grand Starex, was launched, it redefined what a large family van should be. Unlike most of its competition which were too utilitarian for most families, the Grand Starex offered what none of the competition had, and that is desirability and comfort.

Fast forward today, and the Grand Starex is still a top choice for many large Filipino families. Strengthening its character as a more luxurious and comfortable option over its rivals such as the Hiace and the Urvan Estate, the Grand Starex ups the ante by introducing the new Gold variants. The Gold Premium and Gold Platinum.


Outside, the new Gold variants are fairly easy to spot. A new, large chrome grille, colored side mirrors with LED turn signals, and elegantly-designed 16-inch alloy wheels ensure that you won’t mistake it as a UV Express shuttle. The standard 4-eye parking sensors with a rear view camera should render this huge van a breeze when parking.



Inside, the parity between the two variants become noticed. Let’s first start with what’s offered on both variants. At the front, a 6.5-inch LCD infotainment system with navigation is fitted as standard. A beige interior greets the passengers, which make the cabin feel elegant and airy. There are only three rows of seats, the second being a pair of opulent captains chairs, complete with an ottoman. Side-by-side with its competition, the Hyundai Grand Starex Gold variants seem to be like private jets.

For the Premium variant, there are wo 9-inch LCDs are mounted on the headrests, keeping even the most discerning of customers happy and entertained, perfect for today’s worsening Metro Manila traffic.



If the Premium variant still does not satisfy your exquisite tastes, then the Platinum variant should suffice. A huge console is now fitted as standard behind the front seats, and inside it is a retractable 22-inch LCD television, including a Hi-Fi system fitted as standard. The Platinum variant essentially becomes a theater on wheels, keeping you or your family entertained in today’s worsening traffic situation.

The following are the prices for the Hyundai Grand Starex Gold Variants.

Gold Premium – P2,368,000
Gold Platinum – P2,588,000

Photos from carguide.ph

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