Toyota Philippines Aims To Make The Camry Edgier (With Video Tour and Specs)

The Toyota Camry is the top selling midsize executive sedan in the Philippines. While generally, the sales of crossovers have been rising over the years, owning a midsize sedan still makes a bigger statement than owning a compact crossover SUV. If you own a midsize executive sedan, it could mean that you’re a somebody. You’ve somehow made it at least in the middle of your career. Anything less than that, and you’re just a nobody. Toyota is not resting on its laurels just yet, and they seek to extend the Toyota Camry’s lead by making it look edgier, and to make it have a broader appeal to those who desire something sporty, Toyota also has launched a new S variant.


2015-Toyota-Camry-5    2015-Toyota-Camry-7

As usual, the Toyota Camry we receive is the European version, which is broadly different in exterior design from the American version. The Toyota Camry’s grille is hard to ignore. It’s brash, but tastefully done. It certainly makes a statement, even from afar. Its face looks  almost exactly the same from the Toyota Avalon, a full size sedan sold in the USA and Middle East. HID headlamps with LED daytime running lights further give it an unmistakable look. Changes in the rear are less pronounced, with only the addition of a chrome bar running across the width being the most noticeable change.


2015-Toyota-Camry-38    2015-Toyota-Camry-33

Inside, the same architecture is still retained. People have complained on how the Camry’s interior feels cheap in some areas such as the plastic panels in the center stack that surround the entertainment system. The facelift somehow fixes that, introducing more tasteful interior materials in the interior design. Some people also found it odd that the climate control LCD screen is backlit in green, which not only makes it look like an afterthought, it also looks like the screens found in a calculator. This facelift fixes that, with everything inside the Camry having a more unified set of blue lighting elements, which also includes ambient lighting in key areas.

As usual, the 2.5 V and higher variants retain the power reclining back seats, a feature that has made the Camry a top choice for executives. Smart key and push button ignition is now standard across the range, and in order to have a broader appeal, the Toyota Camry now comes with an S variant.


(Photo from MotionCars)

The S variant is aimed at those who want a “sporty” Camry. While “sporty” is a stretch in how the Camry’s driving dynamics is described, it nevertheless adds a little bit of excitement to the Camry nameplate. The S is basically the 2.5 G Camry with a black leather interior with red stitching, dual exhausts with a rear diffuser, 5-spoke 17 inch wheels, and paddle shifters to give that “spirited sporty driving” sensation.

The following are the prices for the 2015 Toyota Camry

2.5 G: P1,511,000
2.5 S:  P1,645,000
2.5 V: P1,745,000
3.5 Q: P2,128,000

Toyota Camry Video Tour



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