Aston Martin Manila’s Launch Is A Lesson On How To Become The Perfect Gentleman

Aston Martin is expanding its reaches to many parts of the Asian region. The continent is a key growth factor to many industries, as the opportunities in this continent where economies are developing would mean a sales growth over the next few years. Aston Martin is keen to notice that, and therefore they want to be part of that growth. Our market is totally different from before, where there is a tangible growth in luxury purchases thanks to a growing economy. As most of us here at Go Flat Out prefer the gentleman’s approach of Aston Martin, this is a premium brand we definitely are happy to welcome here in the Philippines.

The launch event is a lesson of how to become the perfect gentleman. First off, the cars. All of Aston Martin’s line-up will be sold here in the Philippines. That means the flagship Vanquish, the 4-door sedan Rapide, the iconic DB9, and the sporty Vantage, including all of its variants, will be sold here. The Volantes (Aston Martin speak for convertibles) won’t be sold here because the soft top’s structure isn’t capable of handling the extreme heat the Philippines experiences during the middle of the day.  The design, meanwhile, is pure lust. We’d take Aston Martin’s design over Ferrari’s any day. Their designs are simply classier and more exquisite, and with the Aston Martin Vantage line-up now 10 years old, the car is still far from looking dated. The design has truly aged well and has stood the test of time. This is British design at its finest.

The inside of the Aston Martin is an exquisite place to be. The materials are of the finest quality, and everything is wrapped in leather. The leather quality is rich, and the leather’s scent certainly makes the interior feel even more special. No two Aston Martins will ever be the same thanks to the brand’s customization program. To make your Aston more exclusive, there’s the Q Program, where even more bespoke finishes are available. Upon opening the trademark “swan wing doors”, which not only look good, the doors are functional as well, because these doors are designed in such a way that the door won’t hit a kerb.

A good news to Aston Martin owners way before the brand has officially opened its doors, Aston Martin Manila will be welcoming Aston Martins that are already roaming around the streets of Manila, and they will be happy to service your vehicle. Maintenance and repairs can be made through a door-to-door service, bringing added peace of mind to current and future Aston Martin owners.

Aston Martin’s arrival will bring a new era of luxury super grand tourers in the country. When in the past, all you could get in our market if you wanted a GT was a Maserati, the true connoisseur of the GT is now here in the Philippines.

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