2015 BMW Xpo Is All About Sheer Driving Pleasure and How Easy It Is To Own A BMW

The 2015 BMW Xpo, held in Bonifacio High Street, on September 25, up until the 27th, 2015, is all about Sheer Driving Pleasure and how easy it is to own a BMW.


In the event area, almost the entire BMW line-up is on display. From the BMW 1 Series, all the way up to the 6 Series GranCoupe, there surely is a fun to drive and sporty BMW for all types of people to enjoy. BMW, being centered around their motto, Sheer Driving Pleasure, you get to experience the BMW of your choice through test drives of your favorite BMWs.

Avail the attractive financing package promos in order to make it easier for you to own your dream BMW, all at the BMW Xpo. Most of these promos will only available at the event.



If you want to further make owning a BMW even a whole lot easier for you, the BMW Xpo is filled with BMW Premium Selection vehicles, which is BMW’s Certified Pre-Owned programme. To those who prefer buying brand-new, depreciation is their biggest enemy, but for the bargain hunters, such as me, my relationship with depreciation is much more favorable. Buying a Certified Pre-Owned BMW means that you get the similar peace of mind of owning a brand new car, but in a second hand vehicle. A thorough and extensive check-up and maintenance check is done before a BMW vehicle is certified under the Premium Selection Programme.

Two facelifted BMWs enjoyed there Philippine premiere at the BMW Xpo. The BMW 6 Series and the BMW 1 Series.




Firstly, the BMW 6 Series. In typical BMW fashion, the changes are very hard to spot unless you are a BMW fan. The LED daytime running lights have been redesigned, and the front bumper now has bigger air vents. Inside, changes are even more minimal, but thanks to the now standard 12-inch LCD virtual gauge display (for the Philippine market), you can easily tell this is the facelifted BMW 6 Series.

Next is the BMW 1 Series. Gone are the googly eyes of the pre-facelifted model, now replaced with a more handsome pair of headlamps. The LED rear lights have been enlarged, and the tail light graphic design has been revised. On display is the BMW M135i, which is the M Performance version of the BMW 135i.



The BMW 318d Anniversary Edition is also on display at the event. This is basically an entry-level BMW 318d with a few tasteful touches and options. These options and accessories include a BMW Dash Cam, which is an essential in the Philippines because of how uncivilized our roads are, M Performance Carbon Fiber Mirrors, M Performance Rear Spoiler, M Performance Wheels, Alpine Hi-Fi sound system, and Gloss Black Kidney Grilles. If you purchase a BMW 318d Anniversary Edition, you get the chance to win a action-packed trip to Morocco, and see the filming locations of the movie Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation.

Visit the 2015 BMW Xpo and experience BMW in a new perspective. Avail the promos and discounts and discover how easy it is to own that dream BMW of yours.

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