Aerohub Is Autohub Group’s New, Fancy Way Of Solving Our Traffic Woes

Autohub Group is the distributor of Lotus, Mini, Rolls-Royce in the country, and is also the owner of several other automotive related businesses such as a few Ford dealerships, and the distributorship of V-KOOL high end tints in the country. Not anymore just a provider of automotive solutions and luxury cars to the nation, Autohub group is ready to take to the skies with their new Aerohub Aviation Services.


Aerohub will be providing private aircraft management, block hour offerings, chartered flights, and fractional ownership of Robinson Helicopters. Each helicopter is able to have up to 5 fractional owners, but 4 fractional owners is the minimum requirement for Aerohub to purchase a new Robinson Helicopter.


Each owner will be able to have 6 flights in the helicopter per month. Overnight flights will be counted as two flights, and owners will be able to reserve one full weekend with the chopper on a first come, first served basis, via an online booking system. All flights will have a pilot, and the fractional owners are not allowed to fly the chopper themselves unless they have been accredited by Lionair Inc.


For the first 4 years of ownership, maintenance fees will be take cared by Aerohub, while hangar fees are paid by Aerohub. Each fractional owner will have an 8-year term, and at the end of the contract, owners can extend their term or liquidate their assets and shares of the aircraft.


Also, the Rolls-Royce cars can also be fractionally owned. The terms and conditions are the same, and each owner can have the Rolls-Royce for 6 days a month. Those that are fractional owners from Aerohub will be given a discounted rate to the Rolls-Royce cars, and likewise also applies if the fractional owner will also apply for the Aerohub program.

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