Go Flat Out @ 2016 MIAS: Chevrolet Sails Through MIAS With The New Sail

Wanting to have a piece of the subcompact sedan market, Chevrolet Philippines wants to have a chunk of the rapidly growing subcompact sedan market, and for some reason, they think it’s a good idea to replace the stylish Chevrolet Sonic, a subcompact designed for global markets, with a subcompact sedan developed primarily for developing nations. Hmmmm…? So here it is then, the new Chevrolet Sail, and it’s here to replace the Chevrolet Sonic.

Sailing (pun intended) from GM’s Chinese plant, the Chevrolet Sail is being marketed by Chevrolet Philippines as your first sedan, your first Chevrolet. The exterior is typical Chevrolet, with your large double vented grille, proudly wearing the golden bowtie the brand is known for. Its compact dimensions hide a somehow expansive interior room.

The interior is well laid out, and easily catching your attention is the large almost Tesla-esque touch screen system. The interior is best described as no nonsense and straightforward, without any pretentious details to making it like a pseudo-luxury car, such as fake metal accents, etc. Surprisingly, the top trim variant is equipped with a sunroof.

There are two engines available. The 1.3 liter petrol, mated exclusively to a 5-Speed Manual, produces 103 hp and 127 Nm of torque, while the 1.5 liter petrol, mated exclusively to a 4-Speed Automatic, produces 113 hp and 141 Nm of torque. See the developing country roots? The Sonic, for about the same amount of money as this Sail, had a more modern 6-Speed Manual and Automatic Transmission.

There are three variants all in all, and listed below are the prices of all three variants.

1.3 L MT: P688,888
1.5 LT AT: P768,888
1.5 LTZ AT: P816,888

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