The New, Semi-Autonomous 2016 Mercedes-Benz E-Class is Your First Taste of Self-Driving Cars in The Philippines

And it begins with the car’s Drive Pilot. Familiar with how adaptive cruise control works? It maintains the speed you set, let’s say, 100 kph, and then the minimum distance to the car in front, let’s say, 10 meters. An adaptive cruise control system will maintain its speed at 100 kph, but once it detects a slower car in front, it will maintain a minimum distance of 10 meters. Once the car in front speeds up, your car will also automatically speed up back to 100 kph if it becomes clear enough. Now, in this E-Class, that adaptive cruise control feature is paired with Steering Pilot and Active Lane Change Assist. Steering Pilot is basically your lane keeping assist system you are pretty much familiar with. It keeps the car in the center of the lane. The innovation here is Active Lane Change Assist. It scans not just the lane your car is in, it also scans the outside lanes, so if the E-Class detects a slower car in your lane, it can automatically change lanes by itself. This is aided by the blind spot monitoring system, so that it is sure that no car is in the vehicle’s blind spot when changing lanes. Even more amazing is the car’s ability to stop on its own, carefully, to the side of the road, if the system does not detect any driver input due to the driver falling asleep, or passing out. Amazing, huh? We’re one step closer to an autonomous driving future.

AMG Sport






The E-Class is the three-pointed star’s midsize sedan offering, and it’s also one of the brand’s most iconic models. Whereas before it had its unique design, it now carries the brand’s design language, that, to our eyes, seems like truly something in between the sportier C-Class, and the luxurious S-Class. Is that you, Audi? But at least unlike Audi’s, there’s still some distinction between these three cars, and it’s at least a very good looking format at that. There are three trims to choose from. There are two P4,390,000 Exclusive and Avantgarde variants, and the P4,790,000 AMG Sport variant. Both are powered by, for now, a sole engine choice. A 2.0 liter petrol engine that generates 184 hp and 300 Nm, allowing this car to spring from a standstill up to 100 kph in 7.4 seconds, mated to a 9G-Tronic 9-Speed Automatic. There are 5 drive modes to choose from, should you want your premium sedan to change its personality. You can give it a tickle to Comfort, Eco, Sport, Sport+, and Individual (this is where you set your own parameters).



Inside, it once again fills the gap between the sporty C-Class, and the luxurious S-Class. It shares the design cues of both sedans, with the slightly sportier layout of the interior, and the (optional) twin 12-inch displays from the S-Class, and again, it’s no bad thing, because my goodness, the interior is sumptuous as hell. Materials are top notch and the design is well executed with interesting shapes and surfaces that are great to the eyes and the hands. Like we said, the analog gauges come as standard, along with a smaller COMAND infotainment screen, while the twin 12-inch screens are an optional extra. Another option worth considering are the Multibeam LED headlights that adapt to the road ahead, reducing instances of blinding other drivers.

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