Toyota Adds Dual VVT-i Technology To Vios and Yaris

The Toyota Vios and Yaris has had an engine that has been unchanged since the first vehicles rolled off in 2002, and finally, it has now been changed. Now being able to keep up with the times, the Toyota Vios and Yaris have been given new, younger, and more modern hearts, now carrying the NR-Series engines, which are equipped with Dual VVT-i technology.

What this means, to you and me, the consumers, is that, it’s, as always, a more powerful and more fuel efficient engine. Haven’t we all heard these adjectives for too many times already? But of course, these claims are backed by the numbers that Toyota has released.

The 1.3 liter 1NR-FE petrol engine produces 98 hp (+13) @ 6,000 rpm, and 123 Nm (+1) of torque @ 4,200 rpm, while the 1.5 liter 5NR-FE petrol engine produces 107 hp (+1) @ 6,000 rpm, and 140 Nm (-2) of torque @ 4,200 rpm. The engines are mated to a 5-Speed Manual, or, finally, a CVT with 7 false ratios to simulate 7 gears when in manual mode.

Minor changes have been made to the exterior of the Vios, wherein the 1.5 G now gains a chrome garnish around the foglights. The Yaris remains unchanged from the outside. Inside, the beige interior color scheme for the 1.5 G has been ditched, with all variants now having a black interior. The design of the touch screen has been revised as well, now possessing a matte silver finish, for variants with a touch screen infotainment system.

As expected, a modest price increase has been implemented.


1.3 Base – P599,000
1.3 J MT – P637,000
1.3 E MT – P750,000
1.3 E AT – P800,000
1.5 G MT – P852,000 (White Pearl: P867,000)
1.5 G AT – P902,000 (White Pearl: P917,000)
1.5 TRD – P976,000 (White Pearl: P991,000)


1.3 E MT – P743,000
1.3 E AT – P793,000
1.5 G AT – P883,000

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