2017 Audi Driving Weekend (With Video)

Go Flat Out was fortunate to be invited to the 2017 Audi Driving Weekend, an event designed for people to experience the performance and capabilities of an Audi and its quattro AWD system.

A handling course was set up, and people have the opportunity to ride inside the Audi TT, A1, and Q5 and test their handing and/or off road capabilities, and along with these 3 cars in the handling course, a few select Audis are also on site for people to be able to test and experience the vehicles for themselves.

The Audi R8 V10 Plus is also on display for select viewers to experience and sit inside it.

If you are interested for a test drive, visit your nearest Audi dealership, or contact Audie Llona for your inquiries at 0917-935-4111.


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