The Completely Insane Nissan GT-R Nismo Will Be Sold In The Philippines

Godzilla's about to get a steroid shot

A post in Facebook is making its rounds. A sales executive from Nissan Quezon Avenue, one of the Nissan Performance Centers in the Philippines that handles the sale and maintenance of all Nissan GT-Rs sold through Nissan Philippines, has posted on her Facebook account that the dealer in question is now accepting reservations for the Nissan GT-R Nismo.

For those who’ve been living under a rock, or have not yet been introduced to the internet, the Nissan GT-R Nismo is the more insane, completely bonkers version of the Nissan GT-R R35. It uses the same twin turbo V6 engine from the standard GT-R, only this time, it’s bumped to 600 hp from 565 hp in the standard GT-R. 0-100 kph times have not been announced, but it’ll be surely still in the 2.8 second mark, if not faster.

Mere mortals will be able to differentiate the Nismo over the standard car thanks to its aggressive carbon fiber aero upgrades, notably the skirts around the car and its 20-inch forged ultra lightweight alloy wheels developed by Rays Engineering. This has been made in order to make the car more aerodynamic, thanks to its design and extreme stiffness. This Nismo GT-R is the stiffest, most aerodynamic Nissan to date, perfect for a car design to break lap records.

Inside, you’ll see slabs of alcantara replacing almost all other leather surfaces inside, in order to save weight, or make the car have a racier feel inside. The gauge cluster has also been revised, and the Recaro bucket seats are wrapped in leather and red alcantara inserts.

Changes in the shocks, springs, and stabilizers have enabled the GT-R’s engineers to improve the GT-R Nismo’s slalom performance by 2%, which means during high speed cornering and sudden changes in direction, the car stays stable, flat, and agile.

The Nismo GT-R is expected to arrive in November, so start saving up. We have no word in pricing as of the moment. Surely, it’ll be anything but cheap, given that the standard GT-R starts at around P7 million already.

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