Lamborghini Teases Its New Urus Super SUV In A Series Of Videos

Everyone seems to be getting into the SUV craze this days. We’ve seen the birth of subcompact SUVs, eventually turning into one of the most competitive segments out there, and now, a new breed of SUV is being made by, of all companies, Lamborghini. Porsche may be the first to create an SUV that drives like a sports car, but Lamborghini will arguably create the sportiest among all of them, especially considering the brand’s pedigree and current line-up of purely supercars.

The new SUV in these spy shots by Auto Express will be called Urus, and it has been in the works now for 5 years since its concept version previewed it at the 2012 Beijing Auto Show.

Photo by Car and Driver

We still do not know any details yet, but Lamborghini has released a video series in YouTube showing their preparations in design, manufacturing, and a few shots of the car itself. We’ll know more details in December 4, 2017. For now, here’s the 9-video playlist below.


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