The All-New Aston Martin Vantage Is All The Sexy We Expect, Now Mercedes-AMG Powered (With Video)

Seductive design, luxurious interior, and a Mercedes-AMG sourced 4.0-liter V8 engine.

The now 12 year-old Aston Martin Vantage is arguable one of the most beautiful cars ever created. Even today, it is still ageing well and does not look outdated despite its age. So it is an incredible challenge for Aston Martin to replace a car that’s universally praised for its seductive style, but it seems they have nailed it with this all-new Vantage.


Aston Martin’s latest luxury sports car is all-new, with nothing shared from the previous generation model. The styling is all-new, being an evolution of the brand’s current design language that started with the flagship DB11. Compared to the previous generation, this model’s aggression level has been dialled up to 11, with details such as the mesh grille, large rear diffuser, and nicely designed rear all hinting at the car’s newfound sportiness. Aerodynamics was the car’s focal point, and they were able to do so without ruining the curvaceous body with add ons such as carbon fiber this and carbon fiber that. The front splitter is designed to direct airflow underneath the car and towards the rear diffuser, while the gills on the side are designed to reduce air pressure that potentially builds up in the wheel arches. The seductively designed rear has been optimized to produce a “significant level of downforce” without the need for a spoiler.

The interior is also all-new, completely redesigned from the ground-up. The collaboration with Mercedes-Benz is evident here due to the infotainment system being based on the German brand’s COMAND system. Quality is up significantly from the previous generation model, with the buttons and switches feeling significantly more upmarket and much more well screwed together. As with all Aston Martins, the interior prioritizes luxury and driver control, as Aston Martins have always been known for quaint British luxury that its Italian rivals aren’t too focused on.

Underneath the beautiful sheetmetal are a few suprises. The Vantage is powered by a Mercedes-AMG sourced 4.0 liter V8 that makes 503 hp and 685 Nm of torque. Power is sent through the rear wheels via a ZF 8-speed automatic transmission, while a manual transmission is under consideration. Managing the car’s power through the rear wheels is Aston Martin’s first ever Electronic Differential (E-Diff), which is linked to the car’s computer system in order to continually adapt to the driver’s inputs and road conditions smarter than a traditional LSD at millisecond precision. The new e-diff makes the car significantly more stable and more composed at high speed straights and sudden cornering.

The body, meanwhile, is an evolution of the DB11’s aluminum structure, which is 70% new for the Vantage. The rear subframe is now solidly mounted for better drive connection to the road, while the suspension utilizes front double wishbones and rear multi-links. Of course, in cars like these, the suspension is adaptive, offering three modes that also affect that car’s throttle input and engine response: Sport, Sport Plus, and Track.


“Creating a worthy successor has been a challenge to relish and a huge source of motivation,” says Dr Andy Palmer, Aston Martin CEO. “I’m enormously excited by what we’ve created: a new Vantage that’s more explicit in looks and intent, wrapping heart-pounding performance and dazzling dynamics into an everyday usable package. A true sports car with a sharper look and a keener dynamic edge, the new Vantage is the Aston Martin pure driving machine enthusiasts have been waiting for.”

Order books for the all-new Vantage are now open. Prices start from £120,900 (P8.1 million) in the UK, €154,000 (P9.1 million) in Germany and $149,995 (P7.6 million) in the US, with deliveries starting at the second quarter of 2018. Wait for Aston Martin Manila’s announcements for further confirmation on when this car will arrive in the Philippines.

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