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The Death Of An Irresponsible 16-Year Old Drunk Motorcyclist Hitting A Truck Lands Truck Driver In Jail

Even if it's not your fault for the person's death due to their own irresponsible actions, you'll still suffer jail time.

Above photo from Inquirer

Have you seen last night’s news when a drunk 16-year old motorcyclist hits a truck and gets killed? Why do we arrest drivers even if the result of the death due to a collision wasn’t the driver’s fault. This is a more than just a question. This is finding out what is right and just.

Meet Mr. Tedy Gotis. Last night, he was on his way to a gas station. Just when he was about to turn, a motorbike suddenly tried to slip through the truck as it was about to turn, and let’s just say everything went unfavorably after that.

The irresponsible motorbiker’s relatives know he was drunk, underage, and unlicensed. In the interviews, his relatives all were warning the victim before leaving the birthday party not to leave anymore, but the victim insisted he goes to the shop to buy cigarettes. Worse, the victim doesn’t even bother to use a helmet.

All these signs point to the victim being at fault at his own death right? But guess what? It was still the truck driver’s fault in the end. Why? Why is it that in our country, even with all signs pointing towards the motorcyclist being responsible for his own death, why do our laws point the blame to the truck driver?

The motorcyclist had no helmet, no license (obviously), was underage, and was drunk, and yet the hard working driver was held accountable. Why?

In the end, the truck driver got charged with reckless imprudence resulting in death. Is it the end for the truck driver, or will there be an investigation to be held?

This is where we need your help in understanding this case. Is it really the way things run in the Philippines, or do responsible drivers undergo due process? Comment away in the comments section!

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