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These Are Door Handles, Not Trash Bins!

One Sunday, I was with my friends leaving from church. As we were about to drive to a local KFC restaurant to have dinner, one of my friends wanted to pass by their house because he wanted to get snacks for us. I don’t really have issues with people eating in my car unless it is smelly, and it’s only chips, so sure, why not? Cutting the story short, we hung out, did some stupid weird things, and then got home after that. As I was tootling down the highway and scanning around my car after dropping my friends off, I saw this.

Guys, these are door handles. Not trash bins. I’ve had friends like this at more than one occasion, and it’s not just some my friends. Filipinos, in general, treat these door handles as trash bins. You just have to take a (risky) taxi ride in Manila just to see my point. I’m willing to bet you’ll see bubblegum wrap inside a taxi’s door handles. Euggghhh! 🤮

This is seriously not a trash bin! That thing was designed for you to pull the doors shut. Like, seriously people. Stop it.

As of late, some cars do not have these kinds of door handles anymore. BMWs, in general, use a different design that don’t utilize these recessed handles anymore, and instead rely on something like this.

Nevertheless, this is still the most common type of door handle design, and it’s a design that’s sure to continue Filipinos treating it as a trash bin. It’s a culture that has to end starting today, once and for all! Join me in bringing justice to car door handles!

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