MG Philippines’ Marketing Stunt Draws A Lot Of Flak, Says Their Cars Are Only For Millennials

One thing is for sure. The once unknown brand in the Philippines is now noticed.

Morris Garages Philippines, the Chinese-owned British brand kicks off 2018 in a rather controversial manner. The brand posted a photo of its new dealership located in Pasong Tamo in Makati on Facebook last January 3, 2017, and while there’s really nothing wrong with the photo, it’s the caption that has created a discussion in social media.

The caption of the photo says…

“Only for the young. If you’re 40 and above, please buy other brands.”

As immature as the Facebook post sounds, it’s not a mere careless post of one of their marketing staff. As a matter of fact, it even appeared in their recently released newspaper ad.

Expectedly, the Facebook post got its fair share of criticisms especially people who were born before 1978. It’s ironic, too, that it’s pushing away the very people who most likely knows the brand’s history.

MG Philippines CEO Morgan Say responds on the issue, and Top Gear Philippines has it covered.

“Without any intent to offend anyone, we prefer to market MG cars to the younger/millennial generation. The MG brand image we are building on is to manage its client base to those who are still dynamic and innovative in their way of life and thinking. We are not after volume selling but for advising the old-fashion(ed) generation that this is not the car brand for them. It may sound offensive if people are sensitive, and we sincerely apologize for that. However, we hope that people will respect our direction to be selective and exclusivewith our client preference.

He also clarified that their dealerships will still welcome people above 40 years old. All we can say is, good luck. One thing is for sure, though. It did put them on the radar of many people. Not many Filipinos are even aware of MG Philippines’ existence, and as bad as this may seem, their controversial post certainly put them on notice.

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