Ford Philippines Releases 2018 Prices With Excise Tax Considered

All Fords but the Ranger, Fiesta, and Focus see an increase in prices.

Ford Philippines has released the prices for their 2018 model year line-up. All but the Ford Ranger, the country’s second best selling pick-up truck, sees a price increase.

To those keeping score, this is how the TRAIN or Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion works.

Under P600,000: 4%
P600,000 to P1,000,000: 10%
P1,000,001 to P4,000,000: 20%
Above P4,000,000: 50%

The bicameral version also highlights that it exempts EVs and, strangely, pick-up trucks. Hybrids meanwhile will only receive 50% of the taxes of non-hybrid vehicles. We at Go Flat Out applaud the move for making eco-friendly vehicles receive zero to lower taxes. For the rest of the TRAIN vehicle excise tax, click here.

Ford is one of those few carmakers with a complete line-up, ranging from small sedans, small SUVs, to full-blown ones like the Explorer and Expedition, plus a sports car to boot. The wide effects of the TRAIN vehicle excise tax can clearly seen here in Ford’s diverse line-up.

Supposedly, the sedans and hatchbacks of Ford should’ve seen at least a little bit of increase, but as we see here, these vehicles maintain their prices for 2018.

The rest of the line-up, though, which are all SUVs, see a price increase. The best-selling EcoSport sees an increase, with the highest increase received by the Trend variant. The technologically advanced Everest sees an increase, too, with the Ambiente and Trend variants increasing by as much as P119,000. Suffering major increases are the Explorer Sport and Expedition Platinum, which see increases ranging from P140,000 to a whopping P503,000.

Meanwhile, as we’ve mentioned, pick-ups are exempted from taxes, which is why we see the entire Ranger line-up experiencing a price decrease.

For the rest of the story, here is the 2018 price list of Ford Philippines.

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