Subaru Releases 2018 Prices With Excise Tax Considered

All models see only a 5% price increase as Motor Image has decided to absorb some of the impact of TRAIN.

Motor Image Pilipinas is one of the latest to reveal their 2018 prices with excise tax considered.

Still reeling from an impressive 2017, when they exceeded their sales target by 116%, Subaru Philippines is still confident that the they will experience strong growth despite the excise tax.

According to Mr. Glenn Tan, Managing Director of Tan Chong International Limited, the parent company of Motor Image, says that the Philippines has been very strong in 2017. He says that our country bought more Subarus than even Italy.

Subaru has a strong fan base, with one of the most loyal customers in the business, but Subaru has over the years trying to market itself to new customers, says Glenn Tan. They plan to open dealerships in Cavite and Pangasinan by the end of 2018.

Subaru’s vehicle line-up unfortunately lie in the price bracket that is heavily penalized by the excise tax. In lieu of this, Subaru says they have decided to absorb the increase until the 2018 Manila Internartional Auto Show in April, in which they will use the opportunity to finally launch Subaru’s EyeSight active driver assistance systems, and the 2018 facelifted models of the Subaru Legacy and Outback. For now, the price increase across the board is only 5%.


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