Autohub Group Will Bring Italian Supercar Manufacturer Pagani To The Philippines

Expect to see these ultra rare and expensive exotics around Manila soon.

Autohub tonight announced at their media thanksgiving party their intention to bring the Italian supercar manufacturer, Pagani, to the Philippines.

Handling all this exclusivity is of course, Willy Tee Ten, the man behind Autohub Group, which also handles Mini, Rolls-Royce, and the only Nissan High Performance Center in the country, which is the sole official Nissan dealer to sell the GT-R, GT-R Nismo, and the Nismo high performance brand in the Philippines.

With Autohub’s diverse operations of different premium brands, Pagani would indeed be handled well. They have announced tonight that they have signed an agreement to become Pagani’s distributor in the Philippines.

To the unfamiliar, Pagani is a supercar manufacturer founded in 1992, with their first ever supercar, the Zonda, being produced from 1999 to 2012. Juan Manuel Fangio, five-time F1 champion, helped in developing the Zonda. Their most hardcore production Zonda is the Zonda Cinque, basically the tamed, road going version of the bonkers, non-street legal Zonda R.

The successor to the Zonda has been the Huayra, launched in 2012. It is the most bonkers supercar Pagani has made to date.

Pagani Huayra Roadster


Pagani Huayra BC

With different versions of the Huayra, including a gorgeous Roadster with a naked blue carbon fiber body, and a Huayra BC that is almost basically a road going race car, will make up most of the entire exotic line-up of Pagani in the Philippines.

Given that a base Huayra costs US$1.4 million, expect this supercar to be extremely exclusive.


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