Kia Philippines Releases 2018 Prices With Excise Tax Considered

There's a new Sorento DX variant priced at P1,895,000 to keep it competitive despite the excise tax.

Columbian Autocar Corporation, the distributor of Kia in the Philippines, has released their 2018 prices with excise tax considered.

Bad news. Almost all models see an increase in price, but there is a silver lining in all these. While all models have increased in price, Kia has decided to keep the Grand Carnival’s price for the 7-seater variants unchanged, while for the Sorento 7-seater crossover, they have released a new variant, a 2.2 DX diesel variant that costs only P1,895,000, while the Sorento EX variants are now gone. This decision has been made in order to pitch the Sorento into the PPV segment.

As for the rest of the news, here is Kia’s 2018 pricing scheme.


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