2019 Jaguar I-Pace Sets Its Sights On Tesla Model X; 395 HP, 475 KM Range (With Video)

Jaguar joins the EV race with their dynamic I-Pace crossover.

Jaguar has unveiled their highly anticipated I-Pace midsize electric crossover SUV, and it has set its sights squarely towards the Tesla Model X. First premiered in concept form last November 2016, at the Los Angeles International Auto Show, the I-Pace promises sportscar peformance, next generation AI technologies, all wrapped in a practical crossover SUV body.

The production I-Pace’s sleek exterior profile has remained almost unchanged from the concept model that previewed it, and most noticeable is the crossover’s sleek profile. With its sloping roof, bold grille, and almost sportscar-like design, the Jaguar I-Pace looks very distinctive. Jaguar says the design is inspired from the Jaguar C-X75 supercar, lending it a very futuristic and modern vibe, whilst providing a very low drag coefficient of 0.29 Cd. You might be curious as to why an electric car like the I-Pace has a front grille, but it actually serves a purpose. The grille up front has Active Vanes, which open and close depending if the electric powertrain needs cooling, or if better aerodynamics are needed.

The I-Pace has a cab-forward design that emphasizes interior space over everything else. Although the I-Pace is classified as a midsize crossover SUV, Jaguar says the I-Pace’s interior matches that of a large SUV. Compared to most Jaguars nowadays, the I-Pace’s interior is decidedly futuristic, with plenty of new and interesting materials that’s unique to the I-Pace, such as the premium textile Kvadrat interior. Highlighting the interior design is Jaguar’s first ever use of their JLR group’s Touch Pro Duo infotainment system, which first debuted at the Land Rover Range Rover Velar.

The Touch Pro Duo infotainment system also what Jaguar calls EV navigation, which “assesses the topography of the route to destination and insights from previous journeys, including driving style, to calculate personalised range and charging status with exceptional accuracy for maximum driver confidence”. The infotainment system also has Amazon Alexa Skills, which means owners will be able to ask an Alexa enabled device for information held in the Jaguar InControl Remote app. For example: Is my car locked? What is the charging level? Do I have enough range to get to work? Just like Tesla’s vehicles, the Jaguar I-Pace will be the first Jaguar to receive over-the-air updates.

Powering the I-Pace is a 90 kWh lithium-ion battery with 432 pouch cells, producing 395 hp and 696 Nm of torque. There are electric motors on both front and rear axles, effectively making the I-Pace an all wheel drive crossover. With this electric powertrain, the I-Pace can sprint from 0-100 kph in 4.5 seconds. Jaguar claims a maximum range of 475 km, with owners then able to charge the car to 80% in 85 minutes using 50 kW DC charging. Go for a 100kW rapid charger, and that time drops to just 40 minutes.

With its perfect 50:50 weight distribution, front to rear, a torsional rigidity of 36 kNm/degree, the highest of any Jaguar model, plus an optional air suspension, Jaguar claims the I-Pace is a dynamic and fun to drive crossover whilst providing exceptional ride comfort.

Ian Hoban, Jaguar I-Pace Vehicle Line Director says, “Where other companies talk about the future, we build it. We have torn up the rule book to create the newest member of the PACE family, the all-electric Jaguar I-PACE. With zero tailpipe emissions, no CO2 and no particulates, it moves us dramatically closer to our vision of a clean, safe and sustainable future.”

The 2019 Jaguar I-PACE is now on sale in the UK, and is priced from £63,495. There are S, SE and HSE variants, along with a First Edition model.

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