2019 Bugatti Chiron Sport Is $3.26 Million Worth Of Supercar (With Video)

It's all about the handling improvements.

Bugatti has honed the Chiron further, and is offering a Sport version of its 1,500 hp super sports car two years after its world debut at the 2016 Geneva International Motor Show. At the same venue this year, the French luxury brand is presenting the Bugatti Chiron Sport which offers significantly improved handling and even greater agility with no change in the power or performance data.

On the outside, the Chiron Sport is distinguished from its standard Chiron sibling by its increased use of carbon fiber trimmings and uniquely designed lightweight forged alloy wheels. The extensive use of carbon fiber, all the way to the windshield wipers, has enabled Bugatti to reduce the Chiron’s weight by 18 kg.

Aside from the exterior enhancements, Bugatti has also added a few unique touches to the interior, most noticeable of which include the more extensive use of carbon fiber and the “Chiron Sport” logo being embroidered on the center console.

Where Bugatti has made most of the improvements are in its handling. Called the “Dynamic Handling Package”, Bugatti engineers developed a 10% stiffer suspension compared to the normal Chiron. The steering has also been modified for better response without sacrificing its direct steering feel. These new settings can be felt in the new “Handling Mode”. The rear axle differential has also been improved, and it now features Dynamic Torque Vectoring, which distributes torque independently to the wheels for better cornering and agility. Dynamic Torque Vectoring can be felt regardless of which mode the driver is in.

While there is no increase in power or torque, Bugatti says that the Chiron Sport is five seconds quicker at the Nardo test track than the standard Chiron, and because of this Bugatti also says that the Chiron “can reach its full handling potential even at cornering speeds in excess of 200 kph.”

Costing $3.26 million, the Chiron is “probably the most expensive production car on display at this year’s show”, says Bugatti.

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