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The Motul 300V Superfast Track Day Puts The Philippines On The Supercar Map

Motul 300V runs in the engines of all these supercars and other high octane machines in this event.

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The Motul 300V Superfast Track Day, which was held last March 18, 2018 at Clark International Speedway, was an event by none other than Carlos Gono, the man behind Autoplus Sportzentrium, whose shop is located in EDSA, where the coolest cars that you probably wouldn’t be able to own in your lifetime are commonly parked outside the shop’s premises.

This event puts the Philippines into the supercar map, defying what outsiders might stereotypically associate the Philippines with.

The morning session was all about the exotic supercars, with about 90 of them attending, says Carlos Gono.

By afternoon, it was mostly the JDM cars that took their time out on the track. With the sheer amount of attendance, the Motul 300V Superfast Track Day could possibly be one of the largest supercar gatherings ever in the Philippines.

All these supercars were able to handle the scorching heat of the midday sun without any problems, and all the cars, which utilized Motul’s excellent and track-proven lubricants, helped the supercars perform well during their track runs.

Motul is a French brand of of lubricants, engine oils, transmission fluids, brake fluids, additives, and the like. The Motul 300V, in particular, was developed through the brand’s participation in different fields of motorsports. Data collected from its motorsports participation are used in order to hone and constantly improve the lubricant’s performance. As such, it is no surprise that many of these high octane car enthusiasts choose Motul.

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