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7 Ways You Could Bond With Your Dad This Father’s Day

Try any of our tips so you could have an idea how to celebrate that special day with your dad.

It’s that time of the year again. We scramble to search for the coolest idea to let our dads feel special on Father’s Day. Though this is something that we highly encourage that you do every day, Father’s Day is still a time when many people set aside their busy lives and give their time for their dad.

Most of our dads, however, are not very vocal on how they want this day to be celebrated, so here are 7 ways on how you can make him feel appreciated on his special day:

  1. Go bowling 

A trip to the bowling alley is a fun yet timeless activity to bond with the family this Father’s Day. Apart from witnessing your dad unleash his inner champ over a friendly competition, this becomes even more enjoyable when there are more people involved, plus the good food you’ll share with everybody while you wait for your turn to throw the ball. It’s fun to hear an arrogant scream from your dad when he fires up a strike!

  1. Take him to a man-pering session

Nothing says man-pering better than a trip to a classy barbershop. With the prevalence of vintage-esque barbershops in the metro, getting a classic cut over a restored leather barber chair, followed by a cold rinse and shave, capped by a head and shoulder massage, is a great way to make your dad look and feel good. 

  1. Explore the outdoors

Time and time again, biking makes for a classic father-son, father-daughter, and family bonding activity. A biking trip that can be both challenging or relaxing depending on the trail is a great way to spend time with dad while enjoying the outdoor sceneries at the same time. 

  1. Discover indoor activities

If your dad prefers indoor activities, you might want to bring him and the rest of the family to various indoor activities such as wall climbing, archery, fitness classes, live escape rooms, laser tag and laser maze, or even do museum-hopping for your dose of history and culture appreciation.

  1. Plan a movie night at home

Planning a movie night at home with dad is a simple yet fun way to spend Father’s Day. There are numerous movie streaming services available, just pop in some popcorn, serve dad his favorite beer, snuggle up and get your space in the living room, and you’re all good to go. Make sure Dad’s movie choice is what gets streamed first.

  1. Drive to a road trip to the beach

Drive away, or even far, far away out of town to cut-off from the stresses of work and the city life. From the warm sand, cool breeze, to the refreshing embrace of the blue ocean, a trip the beach is a textbook-worthy activity to unwind with dad and the family this Father’s Day. 

  1. Take a food tour

Food parks have come aplenty these days, they’re basically in every nook and cranny in the city. Take advantage of these food parks as they offer various cuisines that fit every palate, including Dad’s. Some food parks offer a wide array of offerings that include appetizers, healthy meals, main dishes, and even drinks and desserts. Bonding over food will always hit the spot.

Remember that the best way to spend Father’s Day with your main man is to cherish the special moments no matter where you’ll take him. At the end of the day, making memories from all those extraordinary adventures is what matters.

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