Check Out These Modern Jeepneys From Hino Motors Philippines

You'll eventually be riding in these jeepneys in an area near you.

Hino Motors Philippines (HMP), the official distributor of Hino trucks and buses in the Philippines, handed over today to the first batch of Class 2, 4-wheeler, AC-equipped modern jeepneys to the Pateros-Fort Bonifacio Transport Service and Multi-Purpose Cooperative (TSMC) and Taguig Transport Service Cooperative (TSC).


The PUV modernization program (PUVMP) is one of the current administrations programs to help improve the quality of the country’s public transportation. One does not need to look further on how much improvements are needed to be done in order to bring our country’s jeepneys up to modern standards.

On the outside, these new Hino modern jeepneys utilize a tall body designed to accommodate all types of passengers. Due to its height, passengers have the ability to stand without any problems inside the modern jeepney.

These modern jeepneys are also equipped with modern technologies to provide passengers a safer and a more convenient commuting experience. Beep Card readers, CCTVs, and an air conditioning system all help to uplift the commuting experience. Meanwhile, drivers benefit from a dashboard-mounted camera, as well as GPS. Speed limiters, meanwhile, help keep the drivers of these modern jeepneys in check.

These jeepneys have been built according to the requirements set by the Bureau of Philippine Standards. As such, these Class 2 Hino jeepneys can accommodate 23 commuters in comfortable, seatbelt-secured and perimeter seats.

Powering these modern jeepneys are also a modern set of Euro 4 common rail direct-injected diesel engines that should prove to be more powerful, yet a lot more fuel efficient and emit less pollutants compared to our current jeepneys.

Headlining the handover ceremony today are the Pateros-Fort Bonifacio TSMC and Taguig TSC. These cooperatives were preselected by the Office of Transportation Cooperatives for their excellent standing, financial capability, and established management structure. The Pateros-Fort TSMC will receive 137 Hino modern jeepneys, while the Taguig TSC will receive 279 modern jeepneys.

The approved routes of these modern jeepneys include Gate 3 of Fort Bonifacio to Guadalupe Market and Bagumbayan, Taguig to Pasig. Commuters who wish to experience these modern jeepneys may check out these routes.

“Hino is honored to be one of the pioneer suppliers of modern jeepneys to the cooperatives selected to kick-off the PUVM program. We strongly believe that our quality products can make commuting safer and more efficient for Filipinos. We are looking forward to partnering with other transport groups as we move forward with our goal of a more sustainable transportation for the Philippines,” said Mills.

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