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A Wet And Damp Track Makes For An Exciting Giti Formula V1 Second Leg

Monsoon rains have made the Giti Formula V1 a lot more challenging than usual.

Words: Janferds Balois/Photos: Janferds Balois

The Race 3 – Round 2 of the Formula V1 held last August 11, 2018 was a battle of rainmasters as the racetrack on that day was drenched with rainwater brought about by the Typhoon Karding and the habagat or south west monsoons.

The qualifying session which happened earlier resulted into Luis Gono of Car #17 of team CleanFuel/Motul/Autoplus taking pole position in Pro Class while celebrity racer Dominique Roque took pole in Amateur Class.

Completing the top 3 grid positions in the Pro Class was Team Obengers ace Daniel Miranda taking 2nd while PartsPro racer Tyson Sy came in close at 3rd. 19-year old crowd favorite Sean Smith of Parts Pro Racing exhibited a good show in the time trial but was meted out when his car’s engine has to be repaired from a blown head gasket.

On the race proper, amidst intermittent hard rains, the race proceeded eventually, where Pro Class Luis Gono spearheaded a good launch at the start, followed by Tyson Sy who overtook Daniel Miranda. Luis Gono kept the lead, mastering his consistency and rainmaster prowess to deprive closest pursuer Tyson Sy. The race ended early on Lap 7 under the safety car due to inoperable weather conditions where race officials were forced to raise red flag and declaring Luis Gono on 1st, followed by Tyson Sy on 2nd and Daniel Miranda on 3rd.

The heartwarming point of the day was the “Comeback is Real” story of Amateur Class Parts Pro racer Sean Smith who was relegated to 14th grid last position due to penalty but was able to redeem himself when he immediately fought his way up to 4th position overall by the end of the first lap despite the extreme weather track conditions.

A “rainmaster” is defined in racing as the driver who has incredible skills driving at wet weather conditions. Sean “Rockrapidz” Smith exploited that talent to capture 1st place in Amateur Class followed by Jussi Hoikka, and Shane Henderson in 2nd and 3rd respectively.

The afternoon Race 4 was cancelled due to safety concerns as the weather worsened with the downpour of heavy rains continuing thereafter. Race 4 will happen on the third

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