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Alfa Romeo and Abarth Philippines Now Open For Business In Greenhills

The wait is finally over for the brand to truly establish itself in the Philippines.

We are indeed amazed with the passion that Dennis Dee and Allen Ong has in order to be able to bring Alfa Romeo and Abarth to the Philippines. Now, the wait is over for their showroom to finally come into fruition. Petromax Enterprise, which is the name of the company handling the distributorship, is now open for business at the Bonaventure Plaza, which is located at Connecticut Street corner Ortigas Avenue in Greenhills, San Juan.

If you’ve been keeping tabs with us up until this point where the dealership has been finally opened, Abarth Philippines has already selling cars for almost a year now to a number of customers. These people who seek for an Abarth really know what they’re putting their money into, and clearly have the passion for the Abarth brand. Not a lot of people know Abarth, and chances are, if you encounter someone who knows Abarth, they’re most likely car enthusiasts, too, and that’s a good thing, since Abarth is only known to who truly like cars and treat cars are more than a means of transportation.

It’s the same case of the Alfa Romeo brand. Mainly built upon the ethos of Italian flair, passion, and driving enjoyment, Alfa Romeo’s cars all stray away from the traditional focus of other car manufacturers, whose goal is to always have the fastest 0-100 kph times, or the ones that can sustain the highest Gs when cornering. As Jeremy Clarkson has said before in one of his reviews, you’re never a true petrolhead unless you’ve driven one.

The initial line-up consists of the various editions and/or variants of the Abarth 595 and 695, while with Alfa Romeo, the initial line-up consists of the Giulia Super Sport (2.0 T RWD) and Giulia Quadrifoglio sports sedans.

Only three units of the Giulia Quadrifoglio will be brought to the Philippines for now, each with a four-month waiting time.

Currently, the service team which handles preventive maintenance and the likes are on an on-call basis, especially since that the brand has yet to gain a solid foothold in the market. The team are also looking for passionate sales executives who wish to help bring awareness of these highly desirable Italian brands to Filipino consumers.

Just a clarification to many, Petromax Enterprise is not considered the official distributor of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), but the business has the parts, warranty, and service support from FCA’s Shanghai office.

In the meantime, here are the prices for the Abarths and Alfas, as well as some photos of their initial line-up.

Alfa Romeo

Giulia Quadrifoglio: P9,550,000
Giulia Super Sport (2.0 Turbo RWD): P3,820,000


695 Rivale C AMT: P3,750,000
695 Rivale AMT: P3,560,000
595 Competizione AMT C: P3,490,000
595 Competizione: P3,230,000/595 Competizione AMT: P3,300,000
595 Turismo AMT C: P3,190,000
595 Turismo AMT: P2,990,000
595 MT: P2,690,000/595 AMT: P2,760,000

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