Android Auto Now Available At The Philippine Google Play Store

Android Auto can now be accessed by Filipino motorists on the Google Play Store.

In order for you to get Android Auto for your Android smartphone if you ever wish to use the popular smartphone integration feature that’s now becoming a common feature in a car’s infotainment system, your only option was to download the app outside the Google Play Store. This requires you to download an apk file and manually installing the app yourself. This method unfortunately leaves you out of any automatic updates for the Android Auto app. Finally, the dilemma is over for Android users as Google Philippines just released the Android Auto companion app at the Google Play store.

Just like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto displays a simplified user interface of your smartphone on your car’s infotainment screen, allowing you to access some your apps such as Spotify or Waze while on the move. Not all apps work through Android Auto, though. Only apps optimized for use while driving are available on the fly. Additionally, Google Assistant can also be summoned simply by saying “Hey, Google!” to prompt the system to listen to your commands.

“Google worked with top car manufacturers and industry experts to ensure that Android Auto is optimized for easier and safer driving experience,” the company said.

In order for Android Auto to be compatible for your smartphone, you must have Android Lollipop (5.0) or later on your smartphone.

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