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Transform Your Segway MiniPro 2-Wheeler Into A Go-Kart With The NineBot Go-Kart Kit

The kit converts your MiniPro into a go-kart.

Segway Philippines President Wilson Lei and Star City Adventure Zone owner Sonny Torres has invited a group of young karters for a half-day session at the karting track of Star City Adventure Zone, Pasay City with the new Segway NineBot Go-Karts. These go-karts will be formally launched on November 11, 2018.

Segway Philippines is currently introducing an add-on kit that will transform its MiniPro 2-wheeler into a go-kart. The go-kart is designed for kid’s use but don’t mistake it that it’s only for fun. It can actually travel at speeds of up to 24kph, and the addition of a Sport mode lets the go-kart sprint from 0-20 kph in less than 2 seconds.

The chassis and frame kit of the Segway Go-kart is adjustable to better suit different body sizes, ranging from adults to children. Additionally, the go-karts also feature a mobile app, which can change the drive modes of the go-karts wirelessly, and these modes range from Novice, Standard, and Sporty.

The young karters who sampled these new go-karts were led by Asian Open Jr. Karting Champion, 13-year old Bianca Bustamante and Go Flat Out’s own amateur seasoned karter, 16-year old Jerald Valdez. A mock race using the Segway go-karts became an opportunity to truly test the go-kart’s performance. Bianca Bustamante was able to post a lap record of 58 seconds, and it became the time to beat during the session. Unlike most go-karts, the Segway go-kart kits use electric motors as a means of propulsion. The test run became an opportunity for the Go Flat Out karters to test its battery life. After almost half a day of playing with the karts in full throttle, the batteries still had around 20% of its energy left.

Segway Philippines is offering the go-kart accessory kit at a pre-launch price of P47,999 and they will be offering on-site discounts during the formal launch. Additionally, if you still do not have the MiniPro 2-wheeler yet, the whole Segway NineBot Go-Kart kit is sold for P88,000. Meanwhile, if you are only interested with the Segway MiniPro 2-wheeler, the unit is on sale for a 20% discounted price of P38,400 (from P48,000). All of these products can be pre-ordered online through their website.

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