Lalamove Second Anniversary

Lalamove Has Been Empowering Partner Drivers, Businesses, and Customers For The Past Two Years

What are your great experiences from using Lalamove these past years?

For the past two years, Lalamove has been helping the Filipinos be able to meet their needs while still having the time to do the things that matter most to their life. This second year anniversary was not just all about its customers, though. While many of Lalamove’s partners such as Globe’s GCash showed their latest services that will make the order process even more convenient, the second year anniversary was all about the empowerment it is able to give for the past two years to its partner drivers and clients.

Lalamove has been able to provide a new type of job opportunity which benefits those who own vehicles and/or motorcycles seeking to have additional income whilst having the ability to work flexibly at their own time. Additionally, through promos forged from partnerships from manufacturers such as Ropali, Mahindra, Isuzu, among others, the entry barrier for Lalamove’s partner drivers who wish to create their own career path has become more affordable than ever. Not only do the benefits end when the vehicle has been purchased, though. Fuel expenses and other overhead expenses are also reduced thanks to strategic partnerships with Petron, Shell, just to name a few, further making the lives of Lalamove’s partner drivers even easier.

Lalamove is also proven to be an effective partner for small and medium enterprises. Rather than these companies acquiring and deploying their own dedicated motorcycle or delivery units, which oftentimes will not be utilized to their fullest potential, Lalamove has become a strategic partner for small and medium enterprises. Food and online businesses have been able to reach untapped markets thanks to the logistical advantage that Lalamove has been able to provide to these businesses. With a wide array of vehicles, Lalamove has also become a strategic partner among large companies who sometimes face shortages in their own fleet, especially during peak demand.

“Since 2016, Lalamove’s story has always been about moving what matters for our partner drivers, business clients and everyday customers by making deliveries fast and easy. Whether it be for their family, passions, or dreams, we will make sure to uphold the quality and exceptional service to continue on moving what matters,” says Dannah Majarocon, Managing Director of Lalamove Philippines.

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