2019 Honda HR-V Sport Debuts In Europe With 180 HP Turbo Engine

It's more powerful than the Civic RS Turbo.

The Honda HR-V is a small crossover SUV that’s meant to carry people in relative style and comfort in a package that has a small footprint, but a spacious interior. The HR-V is anything but fast, but the new HR-V Sport that recently made its debut in Europe might change your mind.

Honda launches new HR-V Sport with 1.5 VTEC TURBO engine

Honda launches new HR-V Sport with 1.5 VTEC TURBO engine

From the outside, the HR-V Sport can be identified by its dynamic styling pack that adds black chrome exterior elements, black 18-inch alloy wheels, slim front splitter, as well as shiny black moldings replacing the matte black moldings. The biggest clue to its change is the addition of dual exhaust pipes, hinting at what’s lurking under the hood. Other than that, it almost has the same basic aesthetic as the HR-V RS variant sold in the Philippines. The same basic design has also been maintained inside, save for a few pieces upholstered in dark red leather.

The main reason for the HR-V Sport’s existence is what’s under the hood. It is fitted with the same 1.5-liter VTEC Turbo petrol engine found in the Civic RS Turbo we have here in the Philippines, but with power bumped to 180 hp instead of 172 hp, the HR-V will surely be one fast small crossover SUV indeed. Power is sent through either a 6-speed manual, in which case the engine produces 240 Nm of torque, while the optional Earth Dreams CVT downgrades the engine’s torque to 220 Nm. Other chassis enhancements have been implemented, such as the addition of a new Performance Damper for counteracting lateral and torsional movement through the chassis, thus keeping the car flatter through corners. The steering has also been revised, adding a variable ratio rack-and-pinion system complemented by Honda’s Agile Handling Assist torque vectoring system.

The Honda HR-V Sport will go on sale in Europe starting this month, with deliveries starting at the spring of 2019.

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