Here Are 4 Goals That Lalamove Can Help You Achieve This 2019

Here Are 4 Goals That Lalamove Can Help You Achieve This 2019

May Lalamove help you achieve your resolutions for this year.

A new year symbolizes a new chapter of your life, but while so many people like you aspire to achieve all kinds of #goals, most are bound to fail. Millions around the world fall off their horse as we gallop along 2019. Good thing Lalamove is here to help you from failing and keep you on track until next year’s resolution! 

The most common resolution everyone deals with is health and fitness goals. New Year’s Day comes and goes and unfortunately, so does your enthusiasm for the “new you”. It truly is hard to achieve that six-pack you dream of if your diet doesn’t supplement your workout routine. If there was a quick way to be fit, everyone would have done it already. No slimming pill, drink or liposuction is better than a good ol’ balanced diet and regular exercise. If you’re too busy with work and have little time to prepare healthy food, let Lalamove and our free insulated box deliver your meals fresh and safe, from healthy restaurant options near you!

The impulsive and uncontrollable spending habit from last year urged you to set a couple of financial goals this January. Let’s hope you haven’t frozen your credit card account yet! You can follow the “Rule of Thirds” to guide you through the year. It simply says that divide your salary into three. One third would be for your past due bills and debts, free yourself! One third would be for your own allowance, homemaking, and purchases you want. The last third would be for investments and savings!

This way, you’ll have an easy reference when you’re itching to buy the latest smartphone! Whenever you have deliveries, choose a fast, cheap and reliable alternative like Lalamove. Save time, energy and money by using us!

Many folks also included building or maintaining a relationship goals this year. Some may be single and looking to find love, while others are already with someone and looking to improve that relationship. Either way, it’s best to know what you want. Dating is a lot like hiring someone for a work position and probably you have already set your standards. What compromises and trade-offs are you willing to make this year? You might already have figured it out, but we can help keep that effort up and going year-round! Your partner is sick, and you’re stuck at work? Let us take care of that special chicken noodle soup so you wouldn’t need to rush work and bring it to him personally. Again, save time, money and energy with Lalamove. 

Travel Goals are no stranger to new year’s resolutions. Their Instagram feed may be littered with beach pics, mountain camping journals, and awesome surfing GoPro videos. This year, you’ve listed a new bucket list, hoping to hop from one island to another and even go out of the country. From budget backpackers to luxurious tourists, always remember that if you ever forgot to bring your passport or anything valuable at home, we will deliver. With our quality drivers and real-time tracking, you can guarantee that your items will be kept safe.

This coming new year marks a new chapter for everyone. Some people will graduate from college, others start their career, and new families move in to new homes.  What milestone will you be celebrating this year? Whether moving homes or buying new furniture, just Lalamove it with our MPVs or Light Trucks! 

That sums up the most common resolutions this New Year, and how Lalamove can help you uphold these. Cheers to improving your life and planning for another year of highs and challenges in life.

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