Subaru Is Trying To Lure PPV Buyers Towards Its All-New Forester

Subaru Is Trying To Lure PPV Buyers Towards Its All-New Forester

Through the Forester's very affordable pricing and high tech features.

Compact crossovers are often priced alongside or slightly more than their PPV counterparts. For instance, the Honda CR-V tops out at the P2.1 millon mark, which is similar to cars such as the Ford Everest Titanium. The new Forester, however, tops out at just P1,798,000, which is basically a steal, especially the 2.0i-L EyeSight variant, which has almost the same basic features as the 2.0i-S EyeSight, whilst being priced at P1,698,000.

While the Forester is not in the same category as PPVs, Motor Image Managing Director and Deputy Chairman Glenn Tan has said that it is trying to lure buyers away from PPVs and towards their Forester through its competitive pricing and more sophisticated features. He says that the Forester has a chance since buyers do not always need the seven-seater capability of those SUVs, but just like PPVs, the Forester has the basic ingredients of what makes PPVs popular, such as its high ground clearance (it has 221 mm) and excellent water wading depth (500 mm).

These features come on top of Subaru’s core technologies, such as its excellent handling, ride comfort, and of course, its EyeSight driver assist technology that has truly helped many Filipino drivers thanks to its ability to drive semi-autonomously through stop-and-go traffic and expressways.

However, there’s another thing that PPV customers look for: affordable preventive maintenance services. While Subaru has a reputation among Filipino consumers as being expensive to maintain, the brand has made strides in trying to remove that stigma among potential customers. Also, Subaru has just announced a partnership with Motul, wherein the two companies have developed lubricants specific to Subaru’s boxer engines and Lineatronic CVTs. While no specific numbers or statistics have been announced, expect Subaru’s ownership costs to go down in the coming months.

Do you think Motor Image is going towards the right direction in trying to lure PPV buyers?

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