2020 Toyota Hiace Leaked: This Is The 13-Seater Version Of It!

2020 Toyota Hiace Leaked: This Is The 13-Seater Version Of It!

Take a look at these leaked photos of the all-new Hiace.

Just a few days after it was spied being shipped across Japan, more photos of the all-new Toyota Hiace have surfaced online. This time around, we now have a clear look on what the all-new Hiace looks like.

If you recall how the Hiace looked like a few days ago, this new batch of photos from the Hiace Thailand Facebook group shows a much longer, 13-seater version of the popular people carrier. Presumably a base model based on the blacked-out bumpers and door handles, the new Hiace proudly presents its new nose job as the engine is now mounted up front rather than under the front occupants.

Because of this new layout, the Hiace has become longer than its predecessor, now measuring 4,790 mm vs. 4,695 mm for the outgoing model. However, since the engine is now in front, interior space has become shorter. It also has a lower height, now at 1,965 mm against 1,980 mm for the outgoing model. Wheelbase has also been extended from 2,570 mm to 2,985 mm as a result of the front axle now located in front of the cabin.

Unlike previous iterations of the Hiace, this new one now has individual chairs as opposed to bench seats. This enables each passenger to have their own three-point seatbelt and headrest.

Interestingly, these leaked press photos of the Hiace are a left-hand drive version. Does this mean that its global reveal will be held in the Philippines? Again, considering that we are the largest market of the Hiace outside Japan, and that Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has also sent invites to the media about a “new model unveiling” on February 18, our predictions do not seem too farfetched.

With all these leaks coming out, our wait probably won’t be too long anymore until its official global debut.

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