Why Did Toyota Choose To Globally Launch The All-New Hiace In The Philippines?

Why Did Toyota Choose To Globally Launch The All-New Hiace In The Philippines?

It actually has to do with sales.

Commanding a 56% overall market share in the utility van segment, saying that the Toyota Hiace is a popular vehicle of choice in the Philippines is an understatement. With a sales figure of 17,972 units last year, the Toyota Hiace is clearly one of Toyota Motor Philippines’ most important models in the Philippines, but how does this compare globally? Not counting Japan, the Philippines is actually Toyota’s largest market among the 150 countries that the model is sold in 2018. The top 10 largest markets for the Hiace are as follows.

  1. Philippines
  2. South Africa
  3. Mexico
  4. Australia
  5. Thailand
  6. United Arab Emirates
  7. Indonesia
  8. Oman
  9. Saudi Arabia
  10. New Zealand

With 135,650 units sold over its lifetime in the Philippine market, the Toyota Hiace has already become a household name among Filipinos. It’s a vehicle that is used for a wide variety of purposes, ranging from business┬áto leisure. Its role as a commuter car for the typical Filipino commuter is second to none. From the UV Express operators that trust the Toyota Hiace for their use in their fleet, to the Hiaces used by shipping companies such as UPS and FedEx, the Toyota Hiace’s popularity in the Philippine market is truly unmatched by any utility van that has ever existed in our market.

Now having an all-new silhouette thanks to its nose wherein the engine is now mounted in front of the popular people carrier, the Toyota Hiace promises to offer class-leading comfort, reliability, low running costs, and easier serviceability for its operators and drivers. Families will also now enjoy the Hiace’s newfound focus in comfort thanks to a new front coil spring suspension, a revised rear leaf spring rear suspension set-up, as well as a more rigid and safer body construction thanks to the introduction of a ring-shaped reinforcement frame.

Toyota Motor Philippines president Satoru Suzuki has expressed his gratitude to the Filipino people for the continuous patronage to the Hiace by being the host country for its global unveiling. With sales commencing starting this March 5, 2019, it won’t be too long until this all-new Toyota Hiace becomes a commonplace among the lives of Filipinos.

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  1. Will mitsubishi motors launch the fusion canter van in the philippines, if so there will be a good competition between the new hiace and Nissan urvan nv350.

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