The Honda e Prototype Is A RWD Electric City Car Designed Primarily For Europe

The Honda e Prototype Is A RWD Electric City Car Designed Primarily For Europe

The Honda e Prototype is all fun and no compromises.

As Honda draws closer to the release of its first EV for the European market, the e Prototype, which sticks pretty close to the Urban EV Concept revealed in 2017, has been unveiled ahead of its Geneva Motor Show debut.

2020 Honda e Prototype Exterior

2020 Honda e Prototype Exterior

Whereas the Urban EV Concept looked quite radical, the futuristic look of the e Prototype has been significantly toned down, as this model is already the near-production prototype. It now features rear doors with hidden door handles, whereas the Urban EV was a three-door affair. The rear tail lights have also been given a rounded treatment that perfectly complements the headlights. While the overall exterior looks quite cute and retro at the same time, the e Prototype is packed with technology, featuring “pop-out” door handles like in a Tesla, as well as side cameras which replace the conventional side mirrors.

2020 Honda e Prototype Interior

The retro theme continues inside, but of course, with a tech-savvy touch. The interior is dominated by two large screens, with the outer two displays for the side view cameras. A minimalist approach has been done to the interior, wherein buttons and switches have been reduced, as most functions have been relegated to the screens. Honda has aimed for a comfortable “lounge-like” feel, which has been done through the textiles and wood trimmings normally found on contemporary homes.

Underneath the e Prototype is a RWD platform with full EV propulsion in mind. No exact figures have been released, but Honda claims a driving range of more than 200 kilometers. Along with the relatively short overhangs and long wheelbase packed in a relatively short body, the e Prototype promises to deliver exceptional urban driving yet fun and emotive driving dynamics.

Stay tuned to Go Flat Out to know more about the Honda e Prototype as the Geneva Motor Show approaches its March 5 opening day.

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