Motul's 300V Superfast Trackday Is A Chance For Drivers To Unleash Their Cars In A Safe Environment

Motul’s 300V Superfast Trackday Is A Chance For Drivers To Unleash Their Cars In A Safe Environment

It is also an opportunity to highlight the advantages of the Motul 300V, especially in track use.

Motul Philippines recently held the second staging of the 300V Superfast Trackday. Held at the Clark International Speedway, the by-invitation-only trackday was organized by Carlos Gono of Motul PH-Autoplus.

Motul 300V Superfast Trackday Ford GT

This year’s attendees broke last year’s record of supercars and JDMs, which included Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Mercedes Benzs, Aston Martins, a couple of McLaren 570S GTs, the famous 1000 plus BHP Ford GT of Carlos Gono himself, among other cars.

Motul 300V Superfast Trackday Ford GT

“Seeing this year’s overwhelming turn out is an inspiration for us to continue this event next year,” said Gono. “The mood of the event was festive, where all classes of car enthusiasts got together with a common passion, talking & sharing their interest & experience to push their cars to the limit safely at the race track.

Motul 300V Superfast Trackday Starting Grid

This year’s participants had 90 supercars and 140 drool-worthy JDM machines which included a slew of Nissan GTR’s headed by the 2018 680 whp Nismo GTR of Kirk Baltazar which clocked in an impressive 10.60 seconds around the Speedway. There were also a good number of Subaru WRX STIs, Honda NSXs, Civic Type Rs, S2000s, Toyota 86s and Subaru BRZs in full race set-up.

Motul 300V Superfast Trackday Quarter Mile Drag

This year’s program consisted of a supercar trackday, and a quarter-mile drag for supercars and a Touge style battle for the Subaru WRX STI Club and VOAC Club members.

McLaren 675LT Prototype and McLaren 570S GT4

The fastest cars during the 300V Motul Superfast were the Nismo GTR of Baltazar; the 700 whp Nissan GTR of Aga Tomawis (10.70 secs); 2018 Porsche GT2 RS of Jim Baltazar with a time of 10.90 secs; the 2019 McLaren 570S GT4 with 467 hp on tap with a time of 11.12 secs driven by Luis Gono and the 675 hp 2019 McLaren 675LT of architect and church pastor Jun Go with a time of 11.20 secs. 

This event was conceptualized for Motul clients, fans and dealers for them to experience first hand how well Motul high-performance products cope with actual race conditions where engine revs and power output are always at its peak. The annual trackday event also serves as an opportunity for owners to be able to unleash the power of their speed machines in a safe environment.

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