Toyota's Hybrids Go On A Campus Tour At MAPÚA, UST And DLSU To Follow

Toyota’s Hybrids Go On A Campus Tour At MAPÚA, UST And DLSU To Follow

Are you excited to see Toyota's hybrids at your university?

Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) jumpstarted its Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) campus tour series by forging a partnership with MAPUA University’s Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (MME) Department. The first leg of the educational caravan, held at the MAPUA school grounds in Intramuros, Manila, offered both students and faculty a firsthand look on the benefits of HEV technology through a symposium and an all-day test drive activity.

Toyota's Hybrids Go On A Campus Tour At MAPÚA

The experiential event coincided with the MME Department’s 79th Anniversary, making the Toyota Prius and Toyota Prius C units the centerpiece of their Engineering Week’s opening day.

Toyota's Hybrids Go On A Campus Tour Ribbon Cutting

During the ceremonial ribbon-cutting with student council leaders, TMP First Vice President Ms.Cristina Arevalo stated: “Our goal is to raise public awareness on the advantages of using HEV technology. There is no better way to start the advocacy than with our future engineers and craftsmen, who will shape our tomorrow.”

Toyota Motor Philippines brought in technical experts from its manufacturing plant in Santa Rosa, Laguna to conduct three sessions of a one-hour symposium discussing the environmental impact of emissions from various energy sources, and how fuel-efficient but powerful hybrids like the Prius contribute to minimizing the automotive industry’s carbon footprint.

A dedicated test drive area also welcomed students for a short route with the Prius C hatchback. Accompanied by a Toyota technical representative to answer their questions, the test drive activity was enjoyed by almost a hundred student-drivers.

“It’s a real eye-opener for us,” said Paolo Napao, a 3rd Year Manufacturing Engineering student. He is among the first to try out the Prius C and attend the educational seminar afterward. “You barely notice the engine starting because it’s so quiet, and the self-charging battery makes it very convenient,” he added. Throughout the event, the students were able to break down the concept of synergy between the gas engine and electric motor plus battery of the Prius model.

MAPUA University is currently the first Toyota partner in its series of HEV campus tours, with University of Santo Tomas (UST) and De La Salle University (DLSU) to follow in the coming months. This TMP effort is aligned with the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050, initiated by Toyota Motor Corporation President Mr. Akio Toyoda to promote a sustainable approach to the future of mobility.

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