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Hyundai’s Summer Motorist Roadside Assistance Is Here To Give You Peace Of Mind For The Holy Week

Visit Hyundai's SMRA stations from April 17 to 21 and have a safe road trip during the Holy Week.

For us Filipinos, Holy Week signals family time, based on the hundreds of thousands of people hitting the road just so they can spend this week with their families. Some families may choose to go on luxurious vacations, but for the rest of us? Holy Week is the perfect time for“staycations”—most would choose to “recharge” by taking a breather from their fast-paced urban lifestyles and return to their respective hometowns, where they can reflect and reunite with their loved ones.

But how can we make sure that we can make the most out of this Holy Week? Is it really possible to have quality time with the family during this holiday? Here are our few suggestions that can make that happen:

  1. Go off-the-grid. Holy Week gives us the chance to reconnect with our spiritual selves, as seen in how several broadcasting networks and business establishments also use this time to take a break from their regular operations. Use this chance to go offline, for a change. That way, you can truly clear your mind from your usual work woes and social media notifications, which also allows you to focus on nourishing your bond with your loved ones. You can even take it a notch higher by literally going off-the-grid: hit the road for a special road trip with your family!
  2. Stay prepared. Even the most exciting road trip can go awry and leave everyone feeling too grumpy to give quality time with each other, if you come unprepared. Start by studying your routes. Traffic conditions change during the Holy Week season, especially since there are processions happening in rural areas, while the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) usually take this time to perform road reblocking and road repair services in some parts of the metro. Pack essentials in your car (e.g. extra clothes, towels, power banks, chargers, toiletries, first-aid kit, snacks, candies, water, etc.) to avoid temper tantrums of the kids (and even adults) who will experience cabin fever during long drives.
  3. Stop by any of our 38 SMRA (Summer Motorist Roadside Assistance) Stations from April 17 to 21 and get a FREE 23-point check-up! Make sure that your Hyundai can handle all your adventures, Visita Iglesias, or even family joyrides, without the unexpected and time-consuming car troubles, because our helping hands will be there to keep you safe!

So go ahead and take some moments to pause this Holy Week, because by doing so, you’re giving yourself and your loved ones the gift of Quality Time: quality time for self-reflection, quality time for recharging your physical and spiritual wellness, quality time for reconnecting with your family, and quality time for restoring your drive into its tip-top form—made more convenient by Hyundai’s Summer Motorist Roadside Assistance program.

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