Waze Introduces New Feature To Avoid Roads With Number Coding
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Waze’s New Feature May Have Initially Screwed You Up

It's a new feature that actually provides a nice solution, assuming you know it exists.

During one fine Monday afternoon, I was on my way to return a test vehicle at Ortigas. As I plotted my route onto Waze, I noticed that something was amiss. It was 14:00 at the clock, and I was wondering why would Waze lead me away from EDSA and into some narrow streets I am unfamiliar with. Granted, it’s not the clearest of roads in the Metro, but during these hours, EDSA’s congestion is generally tolerable based on my personal experience. I was even shocked to see that a drive to Ortigas from Sta. Rosa, Laguna will take me two hours and forty-five minutes.

From this moment on, I decided not to follow Waze and just rely on my own route planning. As a result, my travel time to Ortigas was just about a little less than an hour and a half, traffic and congestion included. The very app that would lead me away from traffic would suddenly turn into an app that will do the complete opposite to me.

Over the course of a few days later, I’ve been reading social media posts and news articles of fellow motorists and motoring media on how Waze totally screwed up their usual routes. As it turns out, this is because Waze has introduced a new feature that will lead you away from roads where the Philippines’ number coding scheme is implemented. For now, the feature can’t be turned off.

In order to take advantage of this feature, you need to go to Settings, and then under Driving Preferences, select Vehicle details, and then input your vehicle’s License plate. However, there are some users that have been reporting that even though they have added their details, the app still avoids roads where the number coding scheme is enforced. A workaround to this problem is for you to select Taxi in the Vehicle type menu.

1. Go To Settings

Waze Introduces New Feature To Avoid Roads With Number Coding

2. Under Driving Preferences, select Vehicle details

Waze Introduces New Feature To Avoid Roads With Number Coding

3. Input your vehicle’s License plate

Waze Introduces New Feature To Avoid Roads With Number Coding

When it works, the new feature provides a nice motoring solution for everyone, maybe except for those who own several cars or have the politician and/or power privilege to bypass law enforcement. Anyhow, let us know in Facebook’s comment section what are your experiences with Waze’s new feature and whether or not it helps motorists like you during your daily commute.


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