The Honda Civic Type R OveRland Is A Ford Ranger Raptor Challenger

The Honda Civic Type R OveRland Is A Ford Ranger Raptor Challenger

Fancy a Civic Type R for the sand dunes?

The Honda Civic Type R is one of the world’s most popular and iconic hot hatches. Honda’s popular hot hatch has been through numerous tuning companies around the world, as well as Honda’s own skunkworks division of sorts which created a pick-up version of the Civic Type R. This time, the Japanese hot hatch undergoes a transformation that turns it from an asphalt-carving hot hatch to a Dakar Rally contender.

Honda Civic Type R OveRland

The Honda Civic Type R OveRland is a creation of Ralph Hosier Engineering, in which this project still has a month before it is fully finished. The Type R OveRland features a four-inch lift and is fitted with all-terrain 255/55 BF Goodrich tires. It still retains the signature Dual-Axis strut front suspension, but it now gets its own trailing arm mounting and modified transverse links at the rear.

“These two wildly different interpretations of the Civic Type R showcase the standard car’s attributes, but also reflect the advanced, sporty and playful nature of the entire Civic range,” said Ralph Hosier. “We have also had a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate what can be done with a road car.”

Honda Civic Type R Team Dynamics Motorsport

Apart from the Dakar Rally inspired concept, a more potent version of the standard Civic Type R has been created by the same people behind Honda’s BTCC works team, the main highlight of which is it produces 400 hp and 500 Nm of torque.

The Team Dynamics Motorsport version of the Civic Type R has a remapped version of the 2.0-liter inline-4 VTEC Turbo engine, new induction system, new intercooler, and a free-flowing Scorpion exhaust system, among other things. Eibach Pro performance springs, adjustable anti-roll bars and rear camber arms, stainless braided brake hoses, and new 19-inch alloys wrapped in grippy Dunlops are among the chassis and handling upgrades for the more potent Civic Type R.

“We’re familiar with the race-winning FK8, however, we wanted to showcase what can be extracted from the car with just a few light modifications,” said James Rodgers, team manager of Team Dynamics. “The standard car, which we call a race car for the road, is so competent that it really doesn’t take much to take it to the next level.”

As expected, these concepts will not be made into production, but both Team Dynamics and Ralph Hosier Engineering are willing to create these Civic Type Rs for interested customers.

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