The 2020 Nissan Terra And Navara's New Infotainment System Is The Most Crucial Update Yet
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The 2020 Nissan Terra And Navara’s New Infotainment System Is The Most Crucial Update Yet

A good infotainment system is a huge factor when buying a car nowadays.

Nissan Philippines, Inc. (NPI) may as well be considered more than just a car manufacturer, but a tourism company as well. From the epic road trip showcasing the majesty of Mayon at Albay earlier this year and then just recently to the breathtaking views that Tagaytay has to offer, NPI has chosen Siquijor for the latest edition of its #GoAnywhere media drive.

The 2020 Nissan Terra And Navara's New Infotainment System Is The Most Crucial Update Yet

Nissan’s #GoAnywhere campaign aims to highlight the capabilities of Nissan’s light commercial vehicle (LCV) line-up, namely the Navara pick-up, the Terra midsize SUV/PPV, and the flagship Patrol Royale full-size SUV. In order to do this, the NPI team searched far and wide into what Siquijor has to offer. Oh, and before you ask, yes NPI shipped all six of its LCVs (two each of the Terra, Navara and Patrol Royale) from Manila all the way to Siquijor.

We’ve covered how the Nissan Patrol Royale drives, which left me very impressed with its road manners, powerful V8 engine and quietness. If you want to see our initial thoughts about the Nissan Patrol Royale, just click this link here. As for this article, we’ll concentrate on how the Nissan Terra and Navara’s new Nissan Connect infotainment system vastly improves the integration of all the Nissan Terra and Navara’s tech and connectivity features.

Nissan Connect Infotainment System inside Nissan Terra and Navara

The new Nissan Connect infotainment system, which also appears in cars like the Nissan GT-R, is housed in an 8-inch high-resolution capacitive touch screen with physical knobs on the side–an improvement over the 7-inch Blaupunkt infotainment system with capacitive touch-sensitive buttons on the side. It is also developed in partnership with German multinational company Bosch, and the resulting infotainment system is one that’s a lot more user-friendly to use. Touch response is seamless and along with a slick interface that supports swiping gestures, the new infotainment system is almost, if not as good, as Ford’s SYNC3. Just like the Blaupunkt infotainment system it replaces, Nissan Connect also comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functionality, which works much better in this bigger 8-inch touch screen unit.

2020 Nissan Terra 4x4 VL Interior

2020 Nissan Navara 4x4 VL Interior

Because this is now a Nissan OEM infotainment system, the Nissan Intelligent Mobility technologies work much more seamlessly now, such as Nissan’s Around View Monitor (AVM) 360-degree camera system. While the AVM’s resolution is still not the best, the improved rendering of the entire software makes AVM much more usable than before, especially when trying to spot large rocks or other objects when going through tight spaces.

Apart from the infotainment, Nissan has also made a few aesthetic changes to the Terra for 2020. The most noticeable of these changes include a black grille with Nissan’s signature V-Motion chrome strip which replaces the previous model’s silver and chrome grille. The gauge cluster has also been revised, now carrying a simpler, easier-to-read cluster due to the removal of the silver trimmings surround the gauges.

Nowadays, a vehicle’s infotainment system plays a critical role in our motoring lives. The prevalence of smartphones has meant we face more distractions than ever, which has led to our lawmakers in the creation of the Anti-Distracted Driving Act or Republic Act No. 10913. What separates a good infotainment system from a bad one is its ability to minimize distractions when the driver wants to perform various functions such as change the media source, view navigation information, among other things. Infotainment systems are now essentially an extension of our smartphones, and the better it is integrated with the vehicle’s functions, the more effective it becomes in reducing driving distractions. It’s a small change for the Nissan Terra and Navara, yet it fundamentally changes the way we interact with the vehicle in an easier manner.

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