Alfa Romeo 4C Spider And Fiat 124 Spider Now On Sale In PH

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider And Fiat 124 Spider Now On Sale In PH

These two sports cars are the latest addition to Petromax's growing Italian car portfolio.

As you can remember back in 2018, we announced that there is now an Alfa Romeo and Abarth dealer here in the Philippines through Petromax Enterprise. While the brand is not exactly the official distributor here in the Philippines, Allen Ong’s team says that the dealership is here for the long term as it continues to offer the latest products and aftersales services that the two Italian high-performance brands have in its global arsenal. Their latest news coming from the distributor is their new sports cars: the Alfa Romeo 4C and Fiat 124 Spider.

The Fiat 124 Spider is a roadster that is based on the Mazda MX-5. Built at the same Hiroshima factory as its zoom-zoom counterpart, the Fiat 124 Spider has its own unique style that harks back to the original Fiat 124 Sport Spider that was first released in 1966. Fiat says during its 2015 LA Auto Show debut that it is more than just a badge-engineered vehicle as it offers a purely Italian driving experience. The exterior is completely different from the MX-5 as it carries a very European design, but the interior is almost unchanged from the MX-5, even sharing the same Mazda Connect infotainment system.

Under the hood of the 124 Spider is a 500 Abarth-sourced 1.4-liter turbo petrol engine producing 160 hp and 241 Nm of torque, powering the rear wheels via a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission.

The other vehicle that Petromax is now offering is the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider. As the soft-top version of the 4C, it offers an unparalleled level of driving thrills at an uncompromised level of performance. This is thanks to a few structural upgrades that have been made to the 4C Spider in order to maintain its rigidity as the roof has been removed. Consequently, the structural upgrades add quite a bit of weight, so Alfa Romeo’s engineers gave the 4C Spider┬áthinner, lighter glass and a body made entirely out of sheet molded compound, a high-strength composite material that is 20 percent lighter and more rigid than steel.

Design-wise, the 4C Spider’s looks are still as seductive as ever, especially without the roof as it gives the 4C Spider a targa top look. Meanwhile, the interior is kept simple yet functional to maintain its driver-oriented nature. This includes a fully digital instrument cluster and not much else in the way of modern infotainment systems.

Under the hood of the 4C Spider is an all-aluminum 1.75-liter inline-4 turbo petrol engine that produces 240 hp and 350 Nm of torque, with power sent to the rear wheels via a 6-speed dual-clutch transmission using a dry clutch system. Performance specs are unchanged as it still accelerates from 0-100 kph in 4.5 seconds whilst having a top speed of 258 kph. Other performance abilities of the 4C Spider include a maximum lateral g-force of 1.1 as well as its ability to reach top speed with just the soft top.

Petromax Enterprise will officially announce pricing on November 3, 2019. You may visit their dealership, located at 02 Bonaventure Plaza, Connecticut, Corner Ortigas Ave. San Juan Metro Manila, or stay tuned to Go Flat Out to keep yourselves updated about these two Italian high-performance cars.

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