Radical PH Invites Young Racers To Test Its SR1 Track Machine
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Radical PH Invites Young Racers To Test Its SR1 Track Machine (With Video)

Radical is now in the Philippines.

British racing car manufacturer and constructor Radical is now in the Philippines and has conducted a series of testing that includes an exclusive track day last October 25, 2019, at the Clark International Speedway. Young racers trying out the Radical SR1 are the incoming Junior Karter of the Year, 16-year-old Miguel Quinones and multi-time Karter of the Year, Vios Cup Sporting Class (Obengers Team) Defending Champion and currently a Formula 4 Southeast Asia (F4SEA) racer, 18-year-old John Dizon.

The track testing started early at 7 am when veteran TA2/Asian V8 Champion Coach Don Pastor who acts too, as the Director for Motorsports of Radical Philippines tested the 2 units of SR1 along with the Chief Executive Officer Enrique Hormillo who is a racer himself, in a few shakedown laps around the 4.189 km track to prepare the cars for the participants.

The first part of the Radical testing is a ride-along routine where student racers ride shotgun. Miguel, who had a brief stint in testing for F4SEA a few months back in Thailand rode with coach Don Pastor while the older veteran youth John went with CEO coach Enrique Hormillo. John, coincidentally, like Miguel, is also fresh from his recent outing in Sepang Circuit, Malaysia where he competed officially representing the Philippines as a newbie racer in F4SEA where John credibly placed 5th  despite limited preparation and seat time in his first-ever race in Formula 4.

Both John and Miguel remarked that riding in the Radical car is the best exhilarating experience they have ever had in racing where both of them readily agreed it’s the fastest car they have ever tested. The Radical car that was introduced in the Philippines is an entry-level SR1, which can go from 0 to 100 kph in 3.5 seconds with a top speed of 220 kilometers per hour.

The Radical SR1 produces 175 bhp and only weighs 490kg, letting the SR1 have a power-to-weight ratio of 357 bhp/tonne and a maximum lateral force of 1.9 g. This car is powered by a fourth-generation rear-wheel-drive RPE-Suzuki 1340 cc 4-cylinder dry sump oil system mated with a 6-speed sequential gearbox with Quaife chain-driven limited-slip differential. 

After a sumptuous gourmet lunch served to the racers, coach Don Pastor of RaceForm Driver Academy oriented and provided racing line strategy and safety tips to the students on the next routine where John and Miguel will take the wheel of the SR1.

When the session ended, both seasoned racers agreed that they will come back again for the next batch of testing with the possibility of acquiring a race car for themselves. The SR1 has a suggested package unit cost price of P4 million. Top drivers in the inaugural 2020 Radical Cup in the Philippines next year will have the chance to compete in sanctioned races by Radical in Europe, Asia, and the USA.

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