MIAA Urges The Public To Practice Discipline Through Its Latest Campaign

MIAA Urges The Public To Practice Discipline Through Its Latest Campaign

MIAA wants to combat bad behavior in and around NAIA.

Airports are not necessarily the most relaxing environments out there. For one, the atmosphere is mixed with different emotions. From joyfulness as travelers embark on their adventure to sadness as families see their loved ones depart from home. Further adding to everyone’s mixed emotions are the growing disregard for good manners and respect for others among passengers and airport workers. For this reason, the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) is embarking on a civility campaign called #DisipliNAIA to combat unacceptable airport behavior.

Emotions hit General Manager Eddie V. Monreal while on the podium during his keynote speech at the press launch of the Manila International Airport Authority’s #DisipliNAIA civility campaign at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Gate 16 Terminal 1. After welcoming those who were present at the #DisipliNAIA press launch on November 20, GM Monreal said, “We are all the man of this hour. We need your support, we need your help for us to be able to launch and sustain this campaign. Hindi po ito ningas kugon, hindi po ito ngayon lang. Kailangan po natin masustain ito.” At this point he paused, overcome with emotion, before continuing on with his speech.

For the past three years of going around the airport and seeing what he has seen as general manager of MIAA, GM Monreal had always hoped to launch a campaign like #DisipliNAIA. It was only this year when the general manager and his team garnered enough support and funding to launch #DisipliNAIA, a civility campaign that aims to raise awareness about proper behavior and good conduct at the airport.

MIAA Urges The Public To Practice Discipline Through Its Latest Campaign

DisipliNAIA aims to encourage people to become good airport citizens and to raise awareness about good manners and right conduct among all airport users – from MIAA employees and third party partners to passengers, transport services, and even to well-wishers. From following the rule of the yellow lines, proper queueing and following airport security protocols, to picking up one’s trash and taking back one’s bag so that someone can take a seat, DisipliNAIA aims to correct many issues and problems airport users are dissatisfied about in the airport.

MIAA will conduct regular civility and service excellence workshops among thousands of its employees, partners, and stakeholders. Meanwhile, airport users will also see many posters, videos, and billboards to remind them that they are in the #DisipliNAIA zone, and as such must observe respect and mindfulness towards other people and towards airport facilities.

From January to June 2019, NAIA saw traffic of over 60,000 international flights and 76,000 domestic flights, equivalent to 12.7 million international travelers and 11.6 million domestic travelers. Airports are places teeming with stress and emotions. Travelling, catching one’s flight, and saying goodbye to loved ones make airport citizens nervous and edgy, which turn quickly into irritability, shortness of temper, and disregard for rules and decency.

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