Mazda PH's New Facility In Cabuyao Contributes Electricity To The Main Grid

Mazda PH’s New Facility In Laguna Contributes Electricity To The Main Grid

Because its solar panels produce so much energy.

Mazda Philippines recently inaugurated its latest facility in Cabuyao, Laguna. Called the Center of Excellence, it will serve as Mazda’s new pre-delivery center and training for customer service and anything that concerns the showroom experience.

Mazda Center of Excellence Cabuyao, Laguna

Built on a 2.5-hectare lot, the new warehouse and training facility is a testament to Mazda’s commitment to better serve the Philippine market. A brand new 12,269 sqm covered vehicle depot, which has a capacity of 952 vehicles, will now house Mazda’s vehicles prior to delivery to the dealerships.

Mazda Center Of Excellence Cabuyao Warehouse

This warehouse is not just any other warehouse, though. Along with the rest of the facilities, the entire Mazda Center of Excellence harvests rainwater and stores up to 135,000 liters in water tanks, enough to sustain the entire facility for thirty (30) days without rain. This water will be used to wash the Mazda vehicles before delivery and for general housekeeping of the facility.

Mazda Pre-Cast Composite Block-Panel with Assembly of Recycled Cylindrical Cardboard Rolls Infill

Additionally, the pre-cast concrete blocks that wrap the new office and training facility is an invention by Filipino Architect Eduardo Urcia of Pasay City, where it is also made. Called the Pre-Cast Composite Block-Panel with Assembly of Recycled Cylindrical Cardboard Rolls Infill, the pre-cast concrete blocks are very cheap and quick to make but also very strong. Plus, with its ingenious recycled cylindrical cardboard rolls, the blocks have an air pocket that prevents heat from entering the building, thus acting as an excellent insulator that contributes to the reduction of energy for cooling.

Lastly, the Mazda Center of Excellence has 270 solar panels that generate a total of 145,000 kWh of energy. As a matter of fact, the factory at certain times can have a surplus of energy, so much so that it contributes to the main grid.

Mazda Center of Excellence Cabuyao, Laguna

All of these measures are part of Mazda’s Sustainable Zoom-Zoom 2030 initiative, along with its innovations in the internal combustion engine with the revolutionary Skyactiv-X Spark Controlled Compression Ignition (SPCCI) engine and the release of its first EV: the Mazda MX-30.

“As the business grows, so does our commitment to the community. This is why we built the Mazda Center of Excellence, a 100% green facility. It is a testament to our dedication to the Philippine market, so our customers’ new Mazda vehicles are safe from the sun and rain during storage. The training facility is also a more conducive technical training venue, to make sure we offer nothing but excellent service to our customers,” says Steven Tan, president, and CEO of Bermaz Auto Philippines.

Mazda Center of Excellence Cabuyao, Laguna

The 100% green facility will also be the new home of the company’s Customer Service Division (CSD), the largest team within the organization. “The relocation of CSD to Cabuyao immediately improves the quality of life for more than one-third of the CSD employees by reducing their average daily commuting time from 5 hours to less than one hour. A few Metro Manila residents will move to Santa Rosa to start anew in Laguna with company relocation support,” Tan further shares during the inauguration.

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