Isuzu PH Provides Powerful Yet Eco-Friendly Trucks To Coca-Cola

Isuzu PH Provides Powerful Yet Eco-Friendly Trucks To Coca-Cola

Both companies share the same vision for sustainability.

Coca-Cola Beverage Philippines, Inc. (CCBPI), the bottling arm of Coca-Cola in the country, has partnered with Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) to further enhance its safety and sustainability within its logistics operations. 95 brand-new environmentally friendly yet powerful trucks have been turned over to Coca-Cola’s already expansive delivery fleet.

Coca-Cola operates one of the biggest truck fleets in the Philippines, with almost 3,000 trucks and over 2,000 sales service vehicles. Approximately 2,500 shipments per day are undertaken, transporting to 20,000 doors across the country. For operations this massive in scale, the company implements a road safety framework built on three pillars: organization and culture, vehicles and technologies, and the drivers.

“For every bottle of Coca-Cola that you purchase, there’s an implicit promise that it was delivered with the utmost quality, in accordance with strict safety guidelines, and adhered to high sustainability standards,” says CCBPI Logistics and Distribution Director Ruth Genota.

Coca-Cola and Isuzu Turn-Over Ceremony

One of the highlights of the turnover is the Isuzu FVR, which is installed with an innovative push-button Allison Automatic Transmission—the first of its kind in the Philippines. This should prove to be a boon for truck drivers as it makes long-distance driving a lot more convenient with this transmission.

Additionally, all of these Isuzu trucks are powered by various clean diesel engines that are Euro IV- to V-compliant thanks to its BluePower technology. This technology also enables the trucks to be more powerful, yet economical and environmentally friendly.

Genota adds, “At Coca-Cola, we make sure that our sustainability practice is a holistic process: our whole value chain, from manufacturing to distribution, has systems in place to reduce our environmental impact. This is a continuous process of improvement, as we work toward further strengthening our environment-conscious policies, across all facets of our operations.”

All the turned over trucks deliver Isuzu’s 8-Point Advantage: 1) nationwide dealer network; 2) nationwide parts availability; 3) expert Japanese engineers; 4) expert service technicians; 5) mobile medic; 6) drivers and mechanics training; 7) safety driving training; 8) fuel eco-driving training. The installed palletized bottle carriers were made by IPC partner body builders, Almazora and Centro.

Isuzu Philippines Corporation will continue to forge partnerships with organizations across the Philippines who share its sustainability goals—pursuing both the health of the industry and the welfare of the environment.

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