MIAA Suspends Overnight Parking At All NAIA Terminals Until January 5

MIAA Suspends Overnight Parking At All NAIA Terminals Until January 5

Due to the overcrowded parking spots all over the airport premises.

Most ports of travel tend to become crowded during the holiday season as most Filipinos travel far and wide to visit their loved ones or to use their free time to travel overseas. If you are one of those travelers and are planning to leave your car at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) for the long term, you’re out of luck. The Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) is suspending overnight and long-term parking at all NAIA terminals starting today, December 26, 2019, until January 5, 2020.

MIAA says that the suspension is due to the overcrowding of vehicles across all of NAIA’s parking facilities, the majority of which are motorists that have left their vehicle for long term parking. This has made it difficult for motorists who are simply waiting for their arriving passengers to look for a parking spot, thus adding to the congestion and overcrowding of vehicles at NAIA’s pick-up/drop-off points.

For reference, these are the total number of parking spots across all NAIA terminals:

Terminal 1
Carpark A:  354
Carpark B: 567
Carpark C: 400

Terminal 2
Carpark 1: 552
Carpark 2: 775
Employees: 113
North Wing VIP: 18
South Wing VIP: 31

Terminal 3
Open Parking: 988
Multi-Storey Carpark: 1,549

Terminal 4
Parking B: 142

Delta Gate: 66

The suspension of long-term parking will allow MIAA to better cater to the majority of motorists who will only use the parking facilities to wait for their arriving passengers. Travelers who have already left their vehicles prior to the suspension are unaffected.

Until the suspension is lifted after the New Year, the MIAA urges travelers to use public transportation, ride-hailing service, or to simply be picked up or dropped off at the airport instead. MIAA’s advisory does not include Park N’ Fly, though because it is the holiday season, it would be best to give them a call first to check for available long-term parking spaces.

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