Suzuki PH's New Normal Includes Home Vehicle Delivery

Suzuki PH Opens 17 Dealers In GCQ Areas

Home vehicle delivery is also the new normal for Suzuki Philippines as a way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in its dealerships.

A little over a week ago, we wrote about how online platforms are gaining traction around the world as a means of purchasing brand-new vehicles. The Philippines is no exception to this, and some automakers like Suzuki Philippines, Inc. (SPH) have implemented a few strategies to spur consumer confidence when buying a new car.

As of May 4, out of 79 SPH dealerships located in different parts of the Philippines, 17 dealerships in general community quarantine (GCQ) have already resumed operations. These are the 17 dealerships that are once again open for business:

  1. Bohol
  2. Cagayan De Oro
  3. Calbayog
  4. Dumaguete
  5. General Santos
  6. SM General Santos
  7. Ilocos Norte
  8. Ilocos Sur
  9. Isabela
  10. Kalibo
  11. La Union
  12. Naga
  13. Ormoc
  14. Ozamiz
  15. Palawan
  16. Roxas
  17. Tacloban

As a way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 inside its dealers, SPH has developed an easy-to-remember set of guidelines called S.M.A.R.T., which stands for Sanitize Thoroughly, Maintain Safe Distancing, Adhere Strictly, Reach People Online, and Think Positive.

Those who are looking into visiting Suzuki dealerships are sure to expect that these guidelines will be followed. Sanitizing Thoroughly will include requiring employees to sanitize areas in the store more often than usual particularly workplaces and customer lounges at least every two hours. Sanitation Stations will also be available in environments such as the reception, negotiation tables, cashier windows, and service areas. Vehicles will be sanitized in the shops as well upon arrival from their designated distributor, before and after release for test drives, and to customers who will purchase them.

To Maintain Safe Distancing, fewer vehicles will be displayed on the showroom floor. Meeting attendees per transaction will also be reduced to keep negotiation tables uncrowded. Wearing of masks, body temperature check upon entering dealerships are to be Adhered Strictly by employees daily.

Suzuki Philippines will also be launching a home delivery service for those purchasing a brand-new vehicle. Suzuki is the first-ever automaker in the Philippines to offer such a service. If the customer chooses to pick their vehicle up instead, they are encouraged to come alone for the handover ceremony.

To lessen face-to-face interaction, appointment bookings, test drive, loan applications, and other transactions will be available digitally as Reaching People Online will be beneficial for both employees and customers.

Exercising these guidelines is a leap towards prevention against COVID-19, but aside from a physical course of action, SPH understands that Thinking Positively is equally essential. Suzuki Philippines urges the community to distance ourselves from negativity, stay healthy and exercise regularly, and foster positive energy amid these challenging times.

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